Kerry, are you being ‘taken over’?

THIS NONSENSE HAS GOT TO STOP! “Kerry are you being taken over?” | Galactic Federation of worlds??

Kerry K

Is the Galactic Federation good or bad, what about the Galactic Federation of Light and what about the Galactic Federation of worlds? Can’t you see, it’s all a con to keep you away from your own wisdom while you focus on irrelevant information that you can not yet determine to be true or not, other than through a contest of who presents the information better. Humanity has no place listening to others, when they can not even listen to themselves.

This very spontaneous video is a response to a message, the contents of which were not so much offense to me, but an outrage to humanity and testimony to why people are stuck and can’t progress. The mentality of pitting people up against each other, sowing division instead of union, spreading judgement and misinformation is so rife in the spiritual community, along with a dangerous over-reliance on the voices of others whilst dismissing the one voice that actually counts – your own. In this video I am calling on you to stop the madness of listening to others, especially channeled information and to start listening to yourself and to your truth. To put your focus on learning to listen to your own beautiful truth and to step letting other people lead you outside of your own wisdom. Humanity, if we are to progress, this needs to stop!

NOTE TO READER: Below is a spontaneous essay which started as a comment attached to the above video. It just flowed out…

This is exactly one dilemma that I have had to work through… what ‘voice’ or point of view is correct? In the end, it really comes down to each individual having to determine what resonates with them… and the voice you are listening to, to advise you on that is the silent voice from within, YOUR VOICE. The best way to discover and reconnect with this inner wisdom — that exists inside EVERYONE who is actually human — is to learn meditation. It can be as simple as just sitting quietly and listening to your breath.

I am a member of Kerry’s Plasma Light Tribe. I’ve been a member of the Tribe for over four months now. It has been a tumultuous time for me, filled with challenges to my formerly held beliefs. People grow when they are challenged. Through my seven decades of being here on this Earth plane, I have noticed and been aware that the vast majority of humans here do not LIKE change; they actively resist change. They don’t enjoy being triggered. For that matter, I don’t enjoy being triggered, but I have come to realize triggers are one manner in which your attention is drawn to the need to breathe through a particular trauma or emotion that is surfacing for oneself, often to be cleared if we are aware of what is happening. This is a key. Triggers can be utilized as a subtle (and sometimes a not-so-subtle) tool to become aware of what is a stumbling block for YOU… It is never about the other person or persons or system (whatever) by which you believe you are being triggered. It’s about something in your light body that is up for clearance.

I’ve had to learn this lesson. Fortunately for me, this isn’t the first time I’ve ridden this bull. I’ve been actively clearing old trauma from my Earth-based lifetimes for decades. Recently — within the last five years — that clearing has moved to off-world lifetimes. Now, through participating with Kerry’s group AND doing my own research, I’ve come to realize that basically ALL of humanity currently present on the planet carry a tremendous amount of subconscious trauma based on the first trauma… the Lyran wars, stemming from BOTH sides of the struggle, Hu-man AND Draconian. This trauma is still being played out here, which is one of the reasons ‘history’ repeats itself. The wars were brought here to Terra by opposing forces and now we are in the midst of playing out the final act…

Part of that final act… which isn’t the end of the world as falsely advertised in various books and media… is for humanity to finally and fully RECONNECT TO SOURCE ENERGY, to our Creative being or essence that exists within all humanity including the hybrids of our race spread across Nataru, the Milky Way Galaxy.

Humanity on Terra is unique. We are tough. We have survived despite the great efforts of intelligent but malevolent beings being arrayed against us for centuries… actually for millions of years… over 600 million years since the Lyran Wars. And Terrans are a unique blend — like a special brand of coffee — of 22 different favors, ROYAL genetic lines, which is why even those who originally seeded humanity into this quadrant have arrived in this solar system to see how the ‘children’ are progressing.

All of this Cosmic History is fascinating and complex… and very simple in its essence. It’s not about ‘good vs evil’ as the story is simplistically portrayed. It is about realizing that within each of us is a way to reconnect with Source energy, with OUR pure essence. You can take the simple road or the more complex one… it’s all the same.

Rather than getting caught up on the details, I would rather take the ‘simple’ road, confront my triggers, allow the resulting emotions to move through my body without me judging them like emotions are supposed to… e – mote – tion. It is a flow, a golden river that moves through you.

Terrans… perhaps because we have endured great trauma here within the past 200 thousand years or so… have managed to create a broader range of emotions than any other human race in this Galaxy. This fact both fascinates and frightens other races, whether human, reptilian, Grey, saurian or other. Due to this concentration and range of emotion we have become potentially an extremely powerful race, one that is about to enter a galactic stage of evolution. Where we take this power and how we use it will depend on the inner stability and balance of our internal nature. Will we utilize our power like the Draconians have done, seeking to dominate, manipulate and destroy other races? Or will we expand and strengthen our connection to the purity and radiance of Source energy and utilize that power to raise up our race as an example of what it takes to overcome and release our collective and individual trauma?

Alex Collier, a starseed emissary of the Andromedan Council has been told by his mentors that humanity, once embarked on the benevolent path of expansion, will be teachers of other races, including those with whom we share a genetic legacy. We are human Angelics, physical Angels… in the process, the painful process of taking back our creative power and using it in a positive manner for our own people, the beautiful planet upon which we live, all sentient life here… and elsewhere. The Galaxy and beyond will become our oyster… and we can start the journey in a very quiet space… by going within, reconnecting with our own Divinity, by being quiet, still, balanced, in acceptance and allowing whatever it is that percolates to the surface… for it will.

Part of our journey, at least for the majority, will be first unlearning what we have been taught throughout this lifetime and others which many of us currently have little or no recollection. As the planet rises in density and frequency, you will begin to remember so it is best to prepare yourself to be able to look upon those long forgotten memories, see them, without judgment, as part of your journey to arrive here and now on the cusp of even greater discoveries and potential. The reason for going within is to aid each and every person the ability to flow with the intense quickening of change and transformation that is about to explode upon this world as every system that currently exists is dismantled and rebuilt anew. The old energy of domination and control can go no further. It is over and everything… every system associated with that energy will implode. Change is inevitable so create a firm foundation within so you can successfully navigate this period of transformation with ease and grace.

When I entered Kerry’s group… and it really isn’t ‘Kerry’s’ group… it is OUR group, those who are members, I was confronted with the decision whether or not I wanted to continue with channeling information and whether or not I wanted to continue hanging onto a belief system that I had been deeply enmeshed within. I let them both go. I continue to release bits and bobs of what I have learned through the decades that I have been on this particular journey of self-discovery.

Yes, I will continue to present disclosure information, cosmic history and related subjects as I feel it is important to acquaint ourselves with the possibility (probability) that what we have been taught to believe is far from the truth. Frankly, you can count on it. Our planet has been controlled, dominated, manipulated, and drained for centuries. Humanity has been the battery pack of the malevolent races who have attempted to keep us down, to prevent this window of ascension from being successful (we have already passed EIGHT such windows!). No more. Humanity is finally beginning to get our sh*t together (if you’re offended, consider what might be triggering the reaction) and we’re headed off in an entirely different direction than what was intended by our erstwhile controllers. The true Divinity of our inner nature is beginning to bubble up into the majority of the world population. It has taken a great deal of pressure to come to this stage and a huge effort by dedicated individuals working behind the scenes to bring back the sovereignty of the people here.

Each of us can work to initiate our own return to sovereignty by doing our inner work, coming into alignment. You do not need to wait for someone to tell you what to do, to believe in what anyone is saying to you… but to feel what you need to do for your Self. Kerry is a guide leading us… those of us who have decided to go a bit faster than the bulk of humanity … to our own Selves… not to become her followers, but to rest in our own inner knowingness, in alignment with our own connection. It is an organic process, one that cannot be duplicated as each of us is an entirely unique Being within. Unity in diversity will come to be celebrated and accepted by all of humanity someday. It starts by finding acceptance and compassion for what and who you are right here and now.

I released the notion that I was a walk-in. I was beginning to see how enamored with that concept of who I was elsewhere was enticing to many… how there was a distinct desire to focus on wanting to be elsewhere, anywhere but here and now. This is and was a distraction. I chose to let it go. As I have written in the past couple of months, being here and now, present for this ascension window is what counts for my lifestream. So, I have willingly chosen to confront my triggers, sit with them, and dissolve the bite as the repressed trauma surfaces without me having to analyze from where it is coming. If it is necessary for my inner understanding, the knowledge will be downloaded and I will know without seeking the information outside of myself. You can use the wisdom and shared knowledge of others as guidance, but understand what is one person’s journey will be different than your own… although there may be shared elements.

Now… I am going to stop here. Kerry has not been taken over by anyone outside of herself. I have not been taken over by any entity foreign to my own essence. I take full responsibility for choices made and the direction I am now proceeding through… step by step. Each of us, in order to progress towards true spiritual maturity, must do likewise. Your journey will be different than mine, although echoes and similarities will abound simply because we are all human here… all of us, including those who are currently playing out ‘evil’ roles. Being able to feel compassion for our foibles, our mistakes, our very ‘human’ nature is to be truly Divine. Until each of us as an individual can truly arrive at an inner state of neutrality, we will be subjected by and acted upon our own hidden traumas… that will continue to percolate to the surface until we are willing to face them without judgment, self-judgment and release that energy into the Void.

We contain within our being great untapped potential, a quantum field of unimaginable potential. Yet, first… seek the inner connection to Source. Know that YOU are truly divine within your essence. Not the sinner or the saint; not the savior or the victim… merely YOU as a manifested Being of Light currently housed within a physical vehicle. It is truly awe-inspiring to contemplate.

Namaste, I bow to the Divinity within myself and within you.


P.S. Kerry just happens to work from a profoundly intuitive place. Details are not important. Concepts are… as they flow through her. She communes with and receives tidbits of guidance from ‘the Galactics’… which are not limited to any particular group, race, or species. The energy and essence conveyed by these energies is quite benevolent and challenging simultaneously, compelling the participant to own up and to become their own inner guru and guide, the best one possible. In our unique way, we are all facets of Source energy, expanding its knowledge and awareness of the greater Consciousness that lives and moves through us with every breath we take. Your breath IS consciousness, so breathe deeply and slowly, focus on your heart center and feel as that loving awareness expands and enfolds you in its Grace.

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2 Responses to Kerry, are you being ‘taken over’?

  1. gratzite says:

    Hidden metaphysical counterparts are formidably active.
    Learning about them seems to constitute an initiation.
    Invited to The Twelve Blessings by George King established some sort of link most profound.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Oh, I love the phrase, “hidden metaphysical counterparts…” which implies that when we go within, we access our multidimensional selves, on many levels and states of beingness. Seek and ye shall find… true gold, the Divine essence of Spirit. ~Eliza

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