2022 Message From Alexander Quinn, Starseed

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A 2022 Message From Alexander Quinn

Dear All:

So many of you are starting this year with anxiety, worry, and varying levels of stress about the future and what this year brings, not all of you, but many. Please remember that you are going through an apocalypse of transformation in all areas of your lives, living a body that is changing, and existing on a planet that is energetically different all at the same time and very few are giving yourselves the credit you deserve for getting this far. So many of you are formulating new paths, identities, career paths, and you all are still doing your work in dream time that most of you are not aware of when you shoot off to destinations you don’t remember when you wake up. I personally am SO proud of you all and I wanted to reach out to you all to say this important message for 2022, especially seeing as it has been a bumpy start for so many. (Apocalypse meaning revelation or unveiling of all that has been previously hidden from humanity).

You ARE going to be okay. Promise, promise to the moon and back. Do you realize the Angelics and ETs who are looking at us and thinking “WOW, it is quite incredible how well they deal with these fast track changes!”  Never on this planet’s history has there been a fast track like this. Ever. What it does is to ruffle the feathers somewhat and leave us feeling a little hung out to dry as we try to find our footing in this breeze that is climbing quite an incredible wave of energetic transmutation.

I promise that you have an entourage around you that are making things happen on the other side and putting things into play that are not obvious at this moment in time. Please trust that you all are going to be okay.  When you get intuition on something, gently act on it with your inner child-like enthusiasm and see where it takes you. So many are still in the grips of huge pouring (sic) at this moment in time. That is why it is not a great time to be rushing into anything at the start of 2022. Take things nice and easy. 

During these times, the ones that are on the leading edge of ascension are the ones that feel the changes first, and it is hardest for the empaths, starseeds and lightworkers and they are in training foremost so that they can manage and teach everyone else as time goes on. It affects those most sensitive first. Meaning you who is reading this message.

Give yourself plenty of time, space, love, and nurture, and for the women out there, you are on the leading edge of this energetic change and will continue to be, like (in) Lemurian times. Men are still catching up and have a lot of ego work to do; this is not their fault. There are a lot of wonderful men out there that are on the same page however and are spiritual leaders, and if you are reading this you are one of them.

So many of you all want the ETs to just come down here and save you (Savior complex; get over it, Toto!). This happened in Atlantis, and the result was that we mismanaged the tools given to us and the shit hit the fan. It all ended. That is why our Cosmic family is giving us tough love and helping from behind the scenes. 

I want you all to look forward to 2022. There are going to be many little miracles that will happen along the way for you all. Just be open to them and in a place so you can receive. There is so much help on the other side even if it is not obvious.

There is a lot of work to do, no sugar coating here from me, but it leads to something better. much better.  I know this is true. I have 1,000,000% faith in this journey and the plan. Six years ago, I left a very well paid job to the absolute HORROR of my friends and family to start this work, as I knew this is what I needed to do. I would not have done it if I didn’t have a Trillion % faith and conviction in the changes we are going through, and just to boot, on top of all of that, I come from a family of quite “out there” people. All of them were psychic and a bit potty! (By potty I mean very ahead of their time). My Grandmother being (was) an astrologer for the Times Newspaper and my great-great Grandmother was  one of very few survivors of the Titanic — When she got off (the ship) at Ireland telling people it was going to sink, they all said she was mentally unwell!

Take things nice and easy this year, don’t rush anything, You’re going to be fine; better than fine.

As ever, always here, much to do,

Alexander Quinn.

(From Alex’s Telegram channel, 8 January 2022)

Note to Readers: The above letter to the starseeds and awakened humans has been lightly edited. Emphasis is mine, except for the capitals!

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