Ancient Space Arks Activate in our Solar System

Ancient Space Arks Activate with arrival of Intergalactic Confederation Fleet

Exopolitics – Dr. Michael Salla

On January 4, 2022, I received an important update about ancient space arks being discovered on the Moon, Mars, Antarctica, and other locations in our solar system. According to Thor Han Eredyon, a Galactic Federation pilot, whose messages are relayed through a former professional French archeologist, Elena Danaan, these huge space arks are activating due to the recent arrival of a large fleet of spacecraft belonging to an Intergalactic Confederation—parked in the vicinity of Jupiter and its moon, Ganymede.

Thor Han’s update is startling corroboration for information recently released by my US Army insider, JP, who visited one of these activated space arks on the Moon in joint secret missions being conducted by the US, China and other members of an “Earth Alliance” led by US Space Command.

Video from Dr. Michael Salla

Elena passed on to me the following messages she received from Thor Han early Tuesday morning about the activation of these ancient space arks:  

Elena: At 1 am, I am contacted by Thor Han telepathically via my implant.

TH: I have clearance to answer your question about the ancient vessels that activated. Those studied by the Terran scientists. It is exciting to watch them and to guide them, as they uncover a past that was hidden for long millenniums. Terran culture has been ready for a long time but now that threatening shadows are leaving your world, truth can be unveiled in the open. Finally. The Earth Alliance unfolds the plan elaborated together with the Intergalactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation of Worlds of Nataru [Milky Way Galaxy], exposing what was hidden until this day.

A long time ago, the Intergalactic Confederation had several colonies in this star system. On Naara (Venus), Terra, its moon, Tyr (Mars) and the fifth planet. Great wars occurred with the Anunnaki and the colonies left. But before leaving, they gathered the essential of their knowledge in arks they buried deep, on the planets I mentioned. These arks preserved the essential information necessary to rebuild the glory of these colonies, if one day this was to happen.

Thor Han’s information corroborates what JP was told in a classified briefing he attended before departing for a Moon mission on December 23, 2021, which I discussed in an article one week later. JP entered the giant spherical spacecraft—estimated to be over two aircraft carriers in size—accompanied an archeologist studying its hieroglyphic style writing. JP was one of the military escorts accompanying scientists from the US and China sent to investigate the spacecraft that had activated.

For the remainder of the article, please go to Dr. Salla’s website:

Note to Readers:

When I listened to Elena as she conveyed Commander Thor Han’s most recent message, my eyes sparked with tears. When writing my books (yes, I am still editing them!) I also wrote about sleeping ships that would eventually be woken up in the future. I also wrote about the sentient crystalline technology utilized in the design of the vessels. It was as if I were channeling some deeply suppressed memories from another lifetime… I was thrilled to hear of this news. These ancient ships are waking up now in response to the near proximity of the Intergalactic Confederation fleet of ships newly arrived to the vicinity of Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede. In previous videos, Elena has recalled her visit to one of the great intergalactic ships.

While I cannot post Elena’s video here (she doesn’t allow it) I will be putting up Dr. Michael Salla’s next video if he makes one regarding this topic as the two of them have been actively collaborating in presenting this material as part of the recent efforts towards disclosure.

Like the long-hidden Feline outpost on Medina (a fictional planet in the Pleiades) as described in my books, these great arks carry amazing treasures. The type of technology available within these arks will prove amazing and beneficial to the future of our world… worlds, if you count the rest of the planets in this solar system.

For those of my readers coming from a Judaic or Christian background, familiar with the story of Noah’s ‘ark’, our galactic ancestors used to migrate from solar system to solar system with ‘arks’ filled with whole biosphere systems, which upon arrival at a suitable planet, they would land and set up a new environment and world for their people. Sometimes, these biospheres were encapsulated within protective ‘bubbles’ or placed underground if the atmosphere of the planet or planetoid was unsuitable for humans, plants, and animals on the surface. The planet Venus, has several such still-functioning biospheres located on her surface and below ground, where various colonies have long resided. These arks contained the necessary technology, stored knowledge, people, plants and animals and materials required to set up a new colony.

The stories of the Bible are in some respects allegorical in nature, while in others, they are the remnants (highly edited versions) of extremely ancient actual histories… prehistories of our galactic and earth-bound ancestors, along with the interventions made by various galactic races in the development of our race, Homo sapiens sapiens. We are NOT the product of haphazard evolutionary processes.

There is much to learn, to re-learn, to grow and expand well beyond the confines of our former prison planet matrix. Our worlds have been freed of the dark influences of the Ciakahrr Reptilians and the regressive Orion Empire of the Grey Alliance… and other regressive races.

Another thing I wrote in my books was the fact that the sentient Crystalline technology of the ancient Feline vessels would not be able to be utilized by the low-frequency regressive enemy forces that were attempting to steal the technology. This scenario has played out for real on Terra as the Dark Fleet located one of the ancient arks on Antarctica, as well as others scattered throughout the solar system. It was not until the Dark Fleet, the regressive Reptilians and Greys had been driven from our solar system by the combined forces of the Galactic Federation and Earth Alliance (Secret Space Program, Solar Warden, et al). Then, through some means, our vastly evolved ancestors arrived on the scene, thus signalling the ancient ships to begin to revive. Several will eventually be discovered on Terra, the Moon, Mars, and other planetoids within our solar system.

Personally I am quite thrilled to be here and now as our world is now free to fully enter into this ascension gate and rise into fifth density, there to meet with our Galactic kindred who have long awaited this time. And it is thanks and gratitude to our original Creator races, the Seeders, who have arrived with their great ships that have crowned the victory for humanity. Long ago, we… the Hu-man race were seeded in the Man star system, known to Terrans as the constellation of Lyra. We have come full circle and there is so much ahead for us.

Hu = man in the old language of Lyra

Man = the system of Man, the original home of humanity

Many blessings and saluations,


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