Atlantis, Khem, Sumer – The Annuna

Atlantis, Khem, Sumer – The Annuna

Matthew LaCroix

Long ago ancient civilizations disappeared beneath violent ocean waves and cataclysmic Earth changes, leaving only fragmented clues and stories proving of their existence. Cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia, such as the Sumerian King List and Atrahasis, describe great antediluvian cities that existed before the flood such as Shuruppak and Eridu, which were wiped out and buried under a mountain of rock and debris and nearly lost to time. From the Emerald Tablets to the secrets of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the truth is found written in stone and clay.

Note to Readers – This is an earlier video done by Matthew LaCroix. He speaks about the Flood, the man we know as ‘Noah’… who was actually Atrahasis, a son of Enki, one of the Annunaki. Enlil, the angry ‘god’ of the Bible, also plays a part in this tale…

Keep an open mind, folks. So much we have been taught in school is a lie. This includes the re-edited books of the Bible..

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