BASES 123 Elena Danaan Part 1 – An Introduction

BASES 123 Elena Danaan Part 1 – An Introduction

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Elena Danaan comes to the Bases project via zoom from Dingle in Co Kerry, Ireland. Her message is about the many different ET beings, that are NOT in our interests, and explains many of these issues, especially channeling. She is a major new positive and extremely well-informed entry into the so-called UFO community, but with a far wider brief and scope of information.

She is an accomplished archaeologist, Druidess, extraterrestrial contactee, who in 2018 was told to explain these important issues about good and bad ETs, and the wider aspects of humanity’s talents and creative abilities.

In short, much of the ‘Love and Light ‘ material is bogus and part of a dangerous psyop, ET channeling is dangerous, and the various races we have been introduced to are dangerous and have tricked us.

This interview is an introduction. She has been on many other platforms, and we welcome her to The Bases project and will be speaking at the BASES2022 international conference in July 2022, in Wiltshire.

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Note to Readers: Having been for a time a channeler, I can vouch for the inherent dangers in putting yourself ‘out there’, open to anything and any body who happens along. Our planet has long been a prison planet, our leaders manipulated through alien technology. Currently, while our planet is undergoing a clearance of all regressive alien presence, whether in our government and institutions, within ourselves, or being perpetrated by the so-called international ‘intelligence’ agencies… there is a danger for those who wish to channel messages from entities. Another thing that is also cropping up of late are those who were unwillingly abducted by Greys for hybridization programs or taken into the secret space programs and subjected to all kinds of mind control and trauma abuse, their consciousness fragmented and programmed, perhaps to be set off at a particular time for a particular purpose, sowing more seeds of division in the UFO and spiritual communities.

I willingly left channeling behind and have no regrets in making that decision. Now, I am presenting various videos of individuals who are presenting various phases of disclosure, mostly on the extraterrestrial presence that has influenced our world for thousands, even millions of years. We are not alone and not all of our galactic neighbors are friendly. It is our responsibility to learn as much as we can about our own galactic and planetary past and to create a future of abundance and peace, by being real, present, and in acceptance of life as we meet it everyday.

Our planet was the site of a genetic experiment, actually several. It is an experiment that went awry and became the latest site for the ongoing battle between the Galactic Federation of Worlds vs the Orion Alliance and the Ciakahrr Empire. It is Star Wars being played out via proxy here in our own galactic neighborhood.

Some of the starseeds currently embodied upon Terra played significant roles in the Orion Wars. The Black League was defeated by the regressive Grey Alliance and the Ciakahrr, but the battle continues. This time, we will win.

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