Full Moon in Libra, Saturday, April 16th

Photo by Jonathan lajoie on Pexels.com


Full Moon in Libra is Saturday, April 16

Known as the Pink Moon, this full moon can bring up deep dark aspects connected with your past and with anything that is out of balance in your life. Ask yourself, “What is out of balance and what is showing up for me in my life that is shedding light on what is out of balance?”

We have a lot to work on and with during this full moon time. Any addiction to suffering needs to be addressed and released. If you find yourself in a dark place, allow the light at the end of the tunnel to guide you forward. Focus on the feminine aspects of beauty, forgiveness, compassion and healing rather than getting stuck in the illusion of despair.

As you witness conflict and strife out in the world, acknowledge where you might carry that energy within and seek to move it towards positive transformation. This is an intense time giving us the opportunity to work with power in a positive way. The key is paying close attention, being present and not letting yourself go down the path of negativity. The discipline is to control the mind and the thoughts that are not of the highest vibration. This full moon may be difficult for many so stay in your own lane and dont take anything personally. Do your own work, look for more balance in your life and allow the blessings and support you have around you always to fill you up and guide you forward.

~ Lena Stevens

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