Anunna / Ancient Texts, Electric Universe, Bloodlines, Hollow Earth – Tess Clark

Anunna/Ancient Texts, Electric Universe, Bloodlines, Hollow Earth -TessClark*MythosDecoded

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The amazing Tess Clark, of Mythos Decoded, joined me and we had a fascinating discussion on everything from the Anunna/Anunnaki and their origins to the electric universe affected our reality, to Anunnaki bloodlines and hollow earth.

About Tess: I have an inquisitive & skeptic mind with a thirst for knowledge. I’m an independent researcher, self published author, artist, web designer, video producer, star gazer, philosopher, nature lover, creative and artistic, empathic, a bit of an animal whisperer and was very fortunate to have traveled with my family around the world, which I continued to do throughout my life in the hope of finding my ‘Shangri-La.’

Of Basque-Catalonian-Italian-French-Prussian descent, raised in Mexico and lived in several countries in North America and Europe. Recently returned to the US after spending some years in Scandinavia & now I’m looking for a small community of like-minded individuals in nature.

I believe traveling & living overseas, has allowed me to have a better understanding about human nature. Grew up doing gymnastics, dancing ballet/jazz, horse back riding, painting, singing & playing guitar & in the company of many wonderful animal friends: dogs, a raccoon, squirrels, rabbits, ducks and birds. I hold a BA in Art & Design. Worked & had my own business as a Designer of Green & non-toxic Interiors, Organic Gardens, Homesteading & lived off-grid. I am fluent in English & Spanish; can read some Italian, French, Swedish and Latin.

Raised in the Catholic faith & attended Catholic School, but found the dogmas, doctrines of religion & the guilt-tripping pretty horrendous & left the church early on. My Spiritual journey began in my early 20’s when I traveled to India to study Hatha Yoga & Meditation at Gurudev Siddha Peeth, Shree Muktananda Ashram in New York and Siddha Yoga Ashram in Mexico. Learned several eastern healing modalities and became a Fitness Coach, worked as a fitness model on the side, but decided not to go that route.

Only until recently I understood that the “new age spiritual practices” are a form of religion & misdirection; as a result of 7 years of exploration of the Electric Universe, Plasma Physics, World Mythologies, Sacred Texts, Ancient History, & Antediluvian Civilizations. I have been able to put the dots together and ascertain an alternative meaning of the Hindu epics of creation (such as the Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, The Mahabharata); the Yugas; the nature of the gods of the Hindu and Buddhist pantheons compared to other world mythologies; as well as getting a clear picture of where the concepts of Ascension, Kundalini, Enlightenment, Chi, Prana, Mandala, Impermanence, etc; originated from.

I created Mythos Decoded, in hope to inspire and awaken an interest in reading and researching the works of ancient Greek Historians, World Mythologies, Sacred Texts and Plasma Physics, in order to understand our present world & learn more about the fascinating, and often very frightening world our ancestors experienced & incredibly, were able to survive the catastrophes; analyzing the information through a new lens & with a new perspective from Plasma Astrophysics which unlike mainstream theories, it is proven in the laboratory.

​Looking for answers to the questions we might have regarding “Reality,” the “Meaning & Purpose of Life” & “Good & Evil” in the texts left to us by the ancients and the many epics and stories of World Creations, which perhaps were written as the true sagas of our forebears, Earth and of the Solar System. I encourage you to analyze the information and sources, ponder on it s meaning and come up with your own conclusions. In my analysis, I attempt to be objective, truthful & respectful.

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