X22 Report: Ep. 2753, 17 April 2022

Ep. 2753a – [JB]/[CB] Buckle Under The Pressure, Transition Is Happening In Real time

[JB]/[CB] are in trouble and they are trapped, the polls numbers are against them so they need to control the situation, so the Biden admin decided to resume oil leases, this will fail. Biden are some desperate they are still talking about cancelling student debt. The [CB] plan is failing, the people are transitioning in real time.

Political – Geopolitical Report

Ep. 2753b – A Deep Dark World Is Being Exposed, The Truth Won’t Be For Everyone

The patriots are now exposing the deep dark world, this is not just about crimes against humanity, this is about how their system works, how it was infiltrated, how they use these platforms to push their message out and control the narrative. The people are now seeing the treasonous lengths to which the [DS] has gone to protect their system. The truth is coming out and it won’t be everyone.

The narrative is breaking down… the 2020 election, the Durham investigations, crimes against humanity, the plandemic fraud — it’s ALL going to come out.

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