You, as a Starseed or Terran: Voluntary Selection Process to be here NOW!

You as Starseed or Terran: Voluntary Selection Process to be Here Now! Who are Activators & more!

Cosmic Brilliance

We really drill down into all the detailed specifics that have not been asked or answered before. I asked Elena to take us all through – from the very beginning – when the call went out to All Us Souls — asking for volunteers who would have to pass strict tests beforehand — be willing to go to Earth because she and the galaxy needed to be liberated!

  • You learn Why, Who, Where, How & When this journey you are on started – right now!
  • You will also learn the 2 ways of incarnating: What SPECIFIC GROUP was in charge to help & How – with our free will you incarnate to Earth.
  • You will learn the two kinds of hybrids.
  • You will learn the natural way of a soul and the forced way.
  • You will learn what needs to happen to have MED BEDS here.
  • You will also learn what Human Activators are & who they are specifically! We name names!
  • You will discover how YOU, if you are not a Starseed but rather an Earthling or Terran Human, are designed with DNA and have incredible power……and much more!
  • Your future is Bright!

Elena tells us about the start of the Orion Wars and the Black League (think the Rebels from Star Wars) and how these events relate to the current envoy program…

Note to Readers: Always fascinating and informative, and what a lovely accent and presence these two ladies possess…

GREAT INTERVIEW! I would recommend it to everyone who feels that they are here on Terra as a starseed envoy…

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