Are You A Starseed, Wanderer, or Lightworker with Merrily Milmoe

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Are You A Starseed, Wanderer, or Lightworker with Merrily Milmoe

Cosmic Brilliance

  • Starseed
  • Wanderer
  • Lightworker
  • Old souls vs younger souls

What are you? Or are you a blend of these categories…

  • Were you considered the ‘black sheep’ of the family?
  • Does one of your children struggle with fitting in?
  • Then, you or they may be a Starseed, Wanderer, or Lightworker soul — like Jesus, and others.

Approx. 50% of the earth’s population are currently Starseeds and are experiencing challenges. Do you look up at the stars with a sense of viewing ‘home’? Find out if you are one!

Episode 18 contains 95% material from Ileana/El Ka Kapulnik’s YouTube titled, “Soul Wanderers, Star Seeds and Star Travelers” from her Awakening Cosmic Reality Show. (Used with permission.)

Remember, labels are labels; they are not meant to limit you…

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