FULL REPORT: It is Priests and Shamans Vs Satanists and Witches as Ukraine War Turns Esoteric

Photo by Maria Luiza Melo on Pexels.com

Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis, 18 April 2022

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Note to Readers: I disagree with Mr. Fulford regarding the current warming of a portion of Antarctica, especially the area at or near Lake Vostok. This radical change in temperature is due to the recent activation of a space ark that was buried beneath the ice long ago. Please refer to recent videos from Elena Danaan and Michael Salla relating to reports about the arks… which have been known about for over a decade by various national militaries and scientists.

There are several ancient arks to be found on Terra, as well as in several locations in our solar system, including Tyr (Mars), Ceres, and Venus. These vessels were left behind by several different extraterrestrial races who once had colonies located within this solar system and upon Terra. The arks (still) contain the DNA ‘seeds of life’ for a wide assortment of life, including animals, plants, minerals, microbes and bacteria. These arks also contain, of course, highly advanced technology, which various Earth-based militaries crave to get their hands on. However, since this technology is largely based on quantum crystalline technology, not just anyone would be able to activate it. Activation is due to a resonance in frequency, only possible by those with the proper frequency resonance, based in their DNA. Some starseeds on Terra have the necessary DNA to activate the arks as their DNA contains that of specific extraterrestrial races.

Some of the ships are waking up as their frequency is resonating with the recent arrival of an intergalactic starfleet, ships from another galaxy and perhaps even another higher density. The beings flying these ships have been called various names, but more recently, the Seeders or Guardians. It is clear that at least a portion of humanity is about to meet or at least become acquainted with the knowledge that Earth humanity is a hybrid race, made up of the genomes from 22 extraterrestrial races, of which the Seeders are but one… one very important one, our fathers and mothers, who originally designed the human genome and seeded it into the Man star system (Lyra) millions of years ago. These people, for they are people, were the Pa Taal… who seeded four races of humans into this galaxy, the Laan (Feline-features), the Ahel (white blue-eyed blondes), the Taal (assorted hair and eye colors), and the Noor (giant white blue-eyed blondes). No human races currently reside in the Lyra system; they had to flee from the ravages of the Ciakahrr who had developed a taste for human flesh, especially that of children. Those who survived the Lyran wars, fled to various systems via arks, usually hollowed out planetoids or moons. The ancient arks buried on Terra are far more sophisticated and were built by vastly superior extraterrestrial races from other galaxies and densities.

There were several reasons for the Russians to go into Ukraine and begin to clean up the activities of the KM and secret underground biolabs being run by the US Department of Defense. Please remember, that until recently, portions of the US military were closely associated with regressive ET races including the Killy-Tokurt, the Orion Grey Alliance, the Naga (reptilians) and the Ciakahrr Empire (Dracos from Alpha Draconis), as well as the Maytra, and various regressive human organizations from Sirius B (the Ashtar Collective), the Altaireans, and the Aldebaran. Vile biological ‘experiments’ were being performed on Ukrainian citizens, as well as Grey-human hybridization programs with the intended purpose of creating a new slave race that could be easily controlled by their Grey and Reptilian masters… here on Terra. Who actually ‘won’ WWII? The Nazis under the control of the regressive ETs and the Khazarian Mafia, who eventually managed to infiltrate every institution and system within the United States and Western Europe.

There is also a huge space ark located beneath the sands outside the city of Kherson in the Crimea peninsula, which the Russians wanted to control and keep away from the KM and Ukrainian Nazis, who would have attempted to use the technology contained within the vessel for destructive purposes directed against humanity and our planet.

The United States has much to answer for, for like the decrepit and corrupted British Empire of the early 20th century, its alignment with the powers of darkness on this planet, have brought down a once great nation into third world status. However, this descent was due to being controlled and infiltrated from within by dark forces, the reality of which have been hidden from or denied by most American citizens. It’s time for the collective darkness of our nation to be revealed to ourselves and released as we free ourselves from the death grip of a regressive entity, the Khazarian mafia and its detrimental influence on centuries of life here in North America.

The time is here when the people of Terra need to become aware that everything on our planet has been affected by or is being manipulated by long-term agendas, some by positive forces and others… well, let us say these agendas have not been in the interest of the human collective. It will take courage to look on and learn about the mistakes and intentions of our forefathers and mothers… It has largely been a playing out of the continuing battles from the Orion conflict which spilled out into surrounding systems until 21 star systems were in the same situation as our own. As of late last year, 14 star systems have been freed from the Ciakahrr and the Nebu (the Grey Orion Alliance). Ours was one of them, but we have yet to free Terra of the influence and remaining agendas of the regressives being currently played out by the left-over and abandoned minions of the Dark, the so-called global ‘elite’, who have secretly run our planet from the shadows for centuries.

Out of darkness and into the Light… all will be revealed in time, at least to those who are willing to step into neutrality and see the reality of the world around them. Only then will those who still live be able to reshape the world for the good of all, not the few.

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