Gene DeCode: Ukraine, Chinese CDC Arrested, Fuel ‘Shortages’, Mandates, Mind-control

Gene DeCode: Ukraine, Chinese CDC Arrested, Fuel ‘Shortages’, Mandates, Mind-control

Nicholas Veniamin

  • The Mockingbird Project narrative is collapsing. Only mind-programmed people are caught up in believing this narrative.
  • The Ruble is backed gold. The Western sanctions are not working.
  • Weaponized food systems set in place by the KM when they take over a country.
  • The Russians and other countries are getting off the Swift system
  • Durham Report is hanging over the heads of the DS
  • Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter; the Alliance is watching the reactions of the woke Liberals.
  • Dark hats own and control Twitter, censor free speech
  • The truth is coming out of the Ukraine. The defense is being run by US black hat military and the French Foreign Legion. Young children are being conscripted by the Ukrainian rebels. Overall, the Alliance is winning in the Ukraine, taking down the Deep State KM operations there.
  • Negative DS agendas are being unveiled; their long-term plans broken,
  • The DUMBs are still being cleaned out
  • 15% of ALL commodities from China are being held back; Shanghai and other cities are now being locked down.
  • Covid PCR tests do not work. Gangsters are running parts of China. People are starving.
  • White Hats in China are starting to make progress in taking their country back…

As reported by many insiders (citations taken from Telegram):

U.S. [ DS] military running the show in UKRAINE w/ CIA and private MILITARY ( mercenaries for hire)/// … Over ten thousand mercenaries are fighting in dark covert war for the CABAL deep state and training Ukraine millstone militias and military///

WIRES; Two helicopters carrying [ DS] Black Hats U.S. MILITARY soldiers were shot down while doing a rescue attempt on U.S. Underground Ground bunkers/BIOLABS that housed very important [ DS] Brigade Generals.

  • A [DS] U.S. Colonel was among those taken prisoner from the crew of the shot-down helicopters
  • NATO / French Foreign Legion military Forces among those captured by the RUSSIANS
  • There have been mass casualties to [DS] US / NATO military forces inside Ukraine
  • The last remaining Ukrainian fuel depot has been destroyed — bringing the Ukraine Military to panic and coming standstill – no fuel for tanks, trucks, and other equipment
  • Military stockpiles / munitions are running low, which is the reason Biden administration okays Billions more for the Ukraine War
  • Putin has captured NATO FORCES [ DS] U.S. Military, high ranking commanders inn underground base. Russian channels show the captured U S. Colonel is seen from the gunned down helicopter
  • Word is [DS] U.S. Brigadier Major Generals are caught inside D.U.M.Bs – the rescue attempt failed and a U.S. Colonel was captured.
  • Putin is holding these cards (the captured Americans, NATO and French Foreign Legion personnel)
  • There is another reason why Elon Musk was allowed to position STARLINK above a War Zone (surveillance)
  • Starlink satellites are much more than most people think…
  • Starlink contain military high-grade weapons > particle beam weapons
  • Starlink has been tracking ALL black hat military operations from the start of the war in Ukraine
  • The Ukrainian war is a Deep State military versus White Hat (Earth Alliance) military operation
  • EVERYTHING happening now will connect to future events –> tribunals for the [DS] players

The set up… Chess.

How do you bring down the whole damn corrupt system? The [DS] infiltration and corruption within the Pentagon, CIA, 3-letter agencies, NATO, the United Nations?


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