Opinion Piece by the Editor

Blue Dragon

Opinion Piece by the Editor

by Eliza Ayres

Recently I have been connecting the ‘full report’ by Benjamin Fulford to a link from the website called ‘Era of Light’.

I would like to warn readers that I regard most of the content on Era of Light as spurious and suspect, largely being composed of CIA and alien AI blather which masquerades as light language and communications from ET and ‘spiritual’ entities.

For example, the so-called communications emanating from Telos, the city located beneath Mount Shasta. For one thing, the Telosians, a race of humans originating in the Centurai star system, were largely overcome by the presence of regressive Reptilian and Orion Greys who were granted the right by the US military back in the 1950’s to have access to underground facilities. Their capitol city, Telos, became an underground military base filled with US military involved in secret black operations, as well as Orion Greys and regressive Reptilians involved in their own often competing malign agendas. The Telosian people who were captured by the regressive forces were taken into slavery and/or joined with the regressive forces.

The Telosi, known to the Irish as the Sidhe or the Shining Ones, are a race of white-blonde, blue-eyed humans who reside in a slightly higher density than surface humans. Their progenitors originate on the planet of Selos, a people who had a surface colony on Atlantis long ago, before the last major Ice Age. Some of their people chose to remain on Terra, but went underground to avoid being controlled variously by alien off-world intruders like the Reptilians and Anunnaki (a reptilian race). The Telosians are largely benevolent in nature, highly spiritual and technologically advanced. However, they were not the only species or race dwelling in the underground caverns and tunnel systems of our hollow planet. The Naga, an ancient reptilian race, were also present, a warrior caste of regressive Reptilians who were also driven underground due to the various surface wars that raged on the surface for thousands of years.

When the men of Majestic 12 made their secret agreements with the Zeta Reticuli small greys, they opened Pandora’s box on our planet being opened up to allowing all kinds of regressive ET races into and onto our planet, including regressive human races like the Taal Shiar from the Jayha (Alcyone) star system, the Altairians, the Aldebarans, and the top dogs, the Ciakahrr Reptilians. Various regressive Grey races like the Nebu, the Orion Grey Alliance, the Killy-Tokurt (shape-shifters), and the agressive Maytras, all added their malign presence to the mix.

Many Americans do not realize that our country was compromised soon after the alleged victory in Europe against the Nazis. Operation Paperclip brought thousands of former Nazi scientists and businessmen into the States. There was already a presence of negative influences coming from such bloodline KM families like the DuPonts, the Morgans, and the Rockefellers, mainly who actively participated by funding both sides of the conflict… and every conflict thereafter.

Our military was compromised by leaders who were willing to do anything to get their hands on weaponry that gave them an advantage against their so-called enemies, never realizing that they were being played by both physical and metaphysical forces to create divide and conquer scenarios, breaking up confidence in the government and its motivations.

Now we find the US government, the Department of Defense being involved in dire experiments of human hybridization, using live humans as guinea pigs in experiments devised by demented scientists. The DOD has been responsible for building and maintaining advanced bioweapon labs all over the planet. Military planes have been used to traffick weapons, humans, drugs in and out of the country.

The city of Telos was conquered by Reptilian and Grey forces decades ago, so any so-called channeled messages coming from Telosian sources is surely compromised and part of an alien agenda to subvert the ascension of awakened starseeds across the planet. Grey mind-control technology has been utilized by the various ‘intelligence’ agencies to manipulate and control the mass awakening of humans here.

I used to channel entities that claimed to be of Sirian, Venusian, and Pleiadian origin. Today, I sincerely doubt that much of what I received is worth retaining. The regressive ETs are masters of deceit and manipulation. Their messages are typically 80% truth and 20% lies, designed to convince the reader or listener of their veracity and good intentions. Instead, these messages are designed to create a dependency, an inability to reason or think on one’s own, to discern the lies, and to listen to one’s own inner heart and intuition (inner teacher).

I gave up channeling and reading channeled material. Most of it… perhaps 99% is pure unadulterated BS. It is dangerous to open your mind to whatever is lingering ‘out there’. Recently, Kerry K told us that the underworld and astral plane is being dissolved. Unseen negative entities are living side by side with 3D humans. Your only alternative to avoid being taken in by these manipulating entities is to maintain your personal sovereignty and power and to avoid being taken in or becoming a follower of anyone or anything (institution or system) outside of your own consciousness. This includes most of the material found on the pages of such websites as Era of Light.

Since this is my opinion, I leave it to my readers to make their own decisions, not to place blame on others or myself, for having exposed them to such unknown temptations or dangers. You can only be responsible for your OWN decisions and actions and hopefully learn from your mistakes. As an eternal soul, a fractal of Source Creator, you didn’t come here to be perfect; you came here to experience the intensity of a very controlled prison world and to assist in breaking apart the rigid Matrix that the Terrans have been compelled to live within for thousands of years. You cannot achieve this goal of ultimate freedom by becoming a part of the zombies and believing only what is told for you to believe whether through television or metaphysical garbage being portrayed as spirituality. The New Age movement was started by the CIA. Go ahead, do your own research into its origins. The Orion Greys are time travelers and have manipulated our own history to fit an overreaching agenda of control and domination. It is time for humanity to break free, but on our own terms, as sovereign, powerful, free-thinking, open-minded, neutral adults… not whimpering and whining victims.

Eliza Ayres, editor in chief.

P.S. There has been a Telosian rebellion for several years, intent on freeing the underground cities and settlements of the Telosian people from the control of the Dracos (Ciakahrr and their allies, the Orion Greys, et al). The underground military bases are still being emptied of alien presences and influences. We can all see that war, which has emerged into the full light of day in Ukraine, spilling out onto the streets of cities and villages. The Nazi forces are aligned with the dark agenda… which includes all agendas associated with child/human sacrifice, black masses, Satanic rituals, drug abuse, mind manipulation, inhuman experimentation, human hybridization programs.

Those Telosians who were captured by the Orion Greys and Reptilian militaries were subjected to the same ungodly experiments and mind-control. Those who managed to elude these threats don’t have time to send light and love messages to stupid surface-dwelling humans. They are too busy attempting to survive the holocaust that has been directed against all humans by the regressive Greys and Reptilians.

You are welcome to disagree with my opinion. However, be warned, any rude or derogatory comments will be deleted and the writers banned.

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2 Responses to Opinion Piece by the Editor

  1. gratzite says:

    I agree, together with all that about “ascension” to be manifest in physicality.
    The Master George King warned about it.


  2. pathwaytosovereignty says:

    I fully agree Eiza and have been utilising this Knowledge in discernment and choosing very carefully from my own Self Respect. Blessings to you.


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