Expanding Earth and Pangaea Theory

Expanding Earth and Pangaea Theory

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🦋 And now for something completely different…

The Earth is growing [not burning out]. Energy from the Sun radiates out to create all matter within the planets, which expands, cracks & collapses to form mountains / oceans etc.

Water is also generated from this chemical process & this can increase in volume as well as surge throughout the cavernous voids within its core, creating a honeycomb structure [often vast hollow pockets]. These contain life-forms we can only imagine.

The recent ‘discovery’ of vast underground bodies of water suggested that most of the Earths water is hidden under its core. It’s not just a giant molten rock, it’s energetic plasma which forms our rich chemical diversity.

This suggests that the Earth began life as a minute sphere which has been expanding for billions of years.

A smaller planet would have a lower magnetic pull [less gravity] which could explain why carbon life forms have become far smaller to cope in this changing environment.

A large dinosaur could not support its own body mass on todays far larger planet, just as many other creatures are a fraction of their original size. [including humans]

Evolution too is wildly inaccurate, and along with this magical process of birthing a solar system, life on Earth was created by a divine, intelligence [let’s call it God], which has caused life to adapt perfectly to its environment throughout the maturing of the planet.

Earth’s ‘Gravity’ is not accurate – moreover the Sun radiates a torus energy field which suspends & spins its planets.

The Sun, like all stars, is not hot, and it’s energy is closer to microwave energy which targets certain points in its field. Although this seems far fetched, it only feels hot within our charged atmosphere. Outer space is freezing & other planets do not become molten when they are closer to it, because as with the centre of Earth, it isn’t a burning fireball. The Sun is a magical, plasmic energy generator.

I didn’t expect everyone to believe all this, but I’ll leave you with this video to get you thinking.

[next time I’ll go into why water is perceptively absolutely FLAT but planets are spherical. The universe is a mysterious magical place indeed]. 🦋

Note to Readers: Sorry, folks… the Earth is not flat; she’s expanding! And hollow!

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