Episode 1: What is the Deep State?

Episode 1: What is the Deep State?

The Free People’s Movement

In our pilot episode, we explain the basics of the “Deep State” concept and what the levers of power really consist of.

Note to Readers: Given the over-reaching tendencies of the so-called Deep State, which has been more apparent in our everyday world of late, it is important to know just what the Deep State consists of…

For this particular video, I am leaving the comments open. I would appreciate input from readers to see if they want to see more of these videos or not… The comment can be a simple yes or no. Thanks in advance.


P.S. There are several videos available in this series. You can also access them on the website link available on the YouTube channel.

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1 Response to Episode 1: What is the Deep State?

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Eliza,

    For me, and perhaps for many of your readers, this video is not all that helpful in that we are aware, and have been for many years, of the corruption we’re up against. However, just the fact that more and more of these types of videos are online now, is a very positive sign. Thanks for all you do. Love, B.


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