Space Arks & Halls of Records in Antarctica, Giza, Tibet & Bahamas


Space Arks & Halls of Records in Antarctica, Giza, Tibet and Bahamas

Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

The video premieres @ 13:00 EDT on Friday, 29th April 2022.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Jean Charles Moyan and Elena Danaan describe trips they both took to a Galactic Federation mothership called the Excelsior, and then to Lake Vostok in Antarctica where they witnessed a space ark with blue giants sleeping in stasis chambers. Elena describes how she was tasked by the Galactic Federation to witness Jean Charles as he toured the Lake Vostok ark. They then describe their respective trips to a Hall of Records/ark under the Sphinx at the Giza Complex in Egypt. Jean Charles next describes visiting space arks under Mt Kailash, Tibet and one off the coast of the Bahamas. Elena also discusses the recent news that an interstellar object crashed in the Pacific Ocean, and that this is a gift from positive extraterrestrials to awaken humanity to their existence.

Jean Charles Moyen’s movie “South Shore Origin” is available on Vimeo here:…

His video “Starseed Revelation” which offers more details about his life experiences is available on Vimeo:…

Elena Danaan’s website is

The video premieres at 13:00 EDT on 29th April 2022.

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