What is Truth? Is Your Narrative backed by Facts?

This liberal rag is full of lies! – NYT – Photo by Lina Kivaka on Pexels.com

What is Truth? Is Your Narrative Backed by Facts?

Note to Readers: The title is mine; the article is by Clandestine, from Telegram:

Think about what is transpiring right now from the perspective of someone 30+ years from now.

The history books and headlines will recall that one side of the aisle simply wanted an even playing field and advocated for free speech. While the other side screeched and threw a temper tantrum the likes of which the world has never seen, when presented with the possibility that people with opposing views would be allowed to express these views on the internet.

Views that happened to be factually correct, like that there are US DoD funded Biolabs in Ukraine supported by US GOV documentation and congressional testimony via Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, yet was labeled as “Russian Disinformation”… but I digress.

Free Speech is the main pillar of American society and culture, and the Left are foaming at the mouth at the suggestion that people on the Right might be able to partake in this basic human right.

Years in the future when the truth about C19 and the globalist cabal has long since been revealed, it will be known that the people who were not allowed to take part in Free Speech were actually correct about… pretty much everything. These people who were correct were shamed, discriminated, ostracized, silenced, censored, surveilled, fired from their jobs, etc.

In 2017, I told everyone, to include my normie friends, that Twitter was hunting me, and Twitter was engaged in censoring conservatives. They all said I was a lunatic. Fast forward to 2022, they, along with the rest of the world, have accepted that conservatives and alternate narratives are not accepted on Twitter and most social media. The scariest part is, the liberals are not only are aware that conservatives are censored, THEY SUPPORT IT! They are largely unashamed and don’t care that they were wrong. To them, the ends always justify the means, no matter the cost.

This Elon/Twitter saga has completely exposed and solidified the left for what they are and what they support. They do not support American values or the Constitution. They support psychological brainwashing and manipulation of the masses, and censoring the truth to keep their dark deeds hidden from the public eye. It’s not hyperbolic to compare the modern day progressive movement to the propaganda and psychological brainwashing of 1930s Nazi Germany. In fact, with modern technology, the modern day left has easily surpassed the disturbing brainwashing practices of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

You know how in today’s world, nobody can understand how citizens in 1930s-40s Germany were manipulated into supporting a genocidal maniac? That is EXACTLY how the future generations will look back on the modern day liberal. They won’t be able to comprehend how millions of citizens could brazenly support such evil.

This world is going to take a long time to heal from what we have gone through, but I can assure you, the aftermath will be remembered forever, and will deter future generations from making the same mistakes we did.


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Note to Readers: Back in 2016, I was an independent voter, typically leaning more towards the Democratic field. I guess I believed in the stated goals of the Democrats. However, after observing from the sidelines in 2016, the bashing being done by the Liberal press against Trump and basically any Republican candidate, I got curious. I started watching what was going on, wondering why the press was so outrageously against anything Trump did, said, had done… accusing him of all kinds of sins. Yes, he was a high-powered businessman who rubbed shoulders with other wealthy people, but he was also a family man with children. He appeared to care about people of all kinds, young and old. So, I started leaning towards supporting his views.

I will be frank, I do not consider myself a ‘Christian’. I am not looking for the return of any savior, on the planet or from elsewhere, to save me or my people. I do, however, believe in the original teachings of Yeshua ben Joshua, which were similar in nature with age-old esoteric teachings about ascension, Christ consciousness, coming into balance, using meditation to calm the emotions, listening to the inner teacher, achieving acceptance and compassion for the little self, the ego self and aligning with the Self, the highest version of you, the multidimensional Light Being you are, temporarily housed in a fleshy vehicle to partake of this physical world.

So, with the above in mind, I am not comfortable with the Bible-thumping that accompanies Trump in many incidences… I am endeavoring to approach all of these political hot buttons with moderation, balance and insight. I fully support the return to full Constitutional law in this country as visualized by our Founding Fathers… who weren’t always very perfect, either.

After watching the Left drop off the cliff into temper-tantrum world, and aggressively pushing very alienating themes and agendas promoting pedophilia and transgenderism, I am just… well, shocked. I met a transvestite when I was in college and had nothing against him… him. I just would prefer that this kind of minority group keep their paws off the young and innocent children. A tiny minority does not have the right to dictate how parents should bring up their kids. The government should not have the right to dictate anything to anybody.

I am a ‘small as it can be’ advocate for government, the less the better. Does that put me in a box? I don’t think so. I am an independent thinker, observant, intelligent… and open-minded. The Left is intentionally attempting to destroy the very foundation of society, the family unit. We’re not a hive-minded species; we’re not Greys or degenerates… and so people are finally waking up and saying “No!” to the nonsense that the NWO mind-programmed, MK Ultra’ed minions are attempting to do to our world. I’m certainly not going to be taken in by the lies emanating from a tiny minority (the powers that were) who are advocating the overt destruction of 90% of humanity and have plans to enslave the rest for their benefit. How can anyone in their right mind follow these monsters? It appears to me, in my observations, that they aren’t in their ‘right’ minds, but heavily controlled, manipulated, indoctrinated, etc. It’s not normal human behavior by any stretch of the imagination. The 80% of normal humans feel left behind by the Left and are skeptical of the ultra right, as well. I’m just shaking my head at all of it.

I’m with Clandestine. No, I haven’t been chased by anyone, but I felt compelled to leave FaceBook back in 2019 when I could no longer post anything from my older blog, Blue Dragon Journal, on my own page. I’ve been on Telegram ever since, but not with my own channel there. I’m not promoting any particular point of view or belief system. My two blogs are not monetized. I simply feel a need to occasionally share my own opinions, experiences, and feelings.

I figure everyone just needs to grow up, become an adult willing to accept responsibility for their decisions, learning to use discernment, to make choices, and be willing to make mistakes now and then. I know I’ve made a lot, but I have also learned from them. I can’t say the same thing for many people in this world today.

It’s not going to get any easier for those who are avoiding dealing with their inner darkness, the shame and blame they attempt to project upon others and upon themselves. The intensity of Light that is now reaching our planet from the center of the Cosmos will continue to build and build, and increase.

Like the Fool in Tarot, I am stepping over the cliff edge, into the unknown, unafraid, for I know that my inner guidance will lead me where I need to go.

This is an opinion piece, in both cases. If you don’t like what is presented here, you are welcome to go elsewhere. I turn off comments on most pieces as this is a personal blog, although I am currently publishing the work of others. It will not always be so… If you want to argue with someone, go elsewhere. I’m not going to play.


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