Is this the path to personal growth (risky business)?

Is this the path to personal growth (risky business)?

Kerry K

We don’t like risk, we avoid it at all costs but there is a time when we need to undertake emotional risks, such as daring to be in the unknown, without solutions and answers. We play it so safe, in fact we play it way too safe and in so doing we land up avoiding so many potentials for growth. This video is called risky emotional behaviour but what you will realise in watching it, is that this is one risk worth taking and life is going to push you into it because that’s where growth happens.

The emotional risk of venturing into the unknown is always going to pay off, big time, but it will take all the courage you can muster. The Universe is going to call you and your role is to respond with that courage and step into the unknown where you won’t have the answers, but that’s exactly where the universe is going to meet you.

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