SGT Report: There is NO Virus.

There is No Virus. Pseudoscience & the Madness of Modern Virology

SGT Report

Dr. Tom Cowan and filmmaker, Mike Wallach, join me to discuss the non-existent boogeyman “virus” and the madness of modern virology. Mike’s new docu-series ‘THE VIRAL DELUSION’ lays out the case scientifically; SARS CoV2 is a figment of fear and an agenda of enslavement. WATCH it HERE:

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Note to Readers: This is going to trigger some people. No viruses have ever been isolated. None. So, why are people afraid of something that doesn’t exist? Why are people getting very sick, whether or not they have been vaccinated?

Personally, I decided not to go along with the herd on this one. Back in 2020, I recognized the manipulation that was going on, especially on the MSM. When the medical industry got involved in pushing mask mandates and forced vaccinations, I knew there was something else behind this agenda… Remember, it is legal to use propaganda in the United States.

Dr. Tom Cowan describes the way viruses are ‘isolated’. Logic and common sense doesn’t seem to enter into the picture…

Make up your own mind.

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