Super Soldiers & Super Starseeds Compare Experiences!

Super Soldiers & Super Starseeds Compare Experiences!

Cosmic Brilliance

Welcome! This presents a rare opportunity for the world to see and hear for the first time two Super Soldier Captains meet up. They are involved in Secret Space Programs and corroborate similar knowledge & experiences. Elena has also had extraordinary synchronistic experiences with Jean-Charles.

The idea for this show came about when I heard Captain Jean-Charles mention briefly in an interview that one person he would like to meet is Captain Randy Cramer because he felt there’s a “knowing connection” to explore.

Jean-Charles Moyen is a Captain in the French Secret Space Program and a ‘Super Starseed’ who, for 20 years, worked with multiple species in the Galactic Federation and on the Solar Warden fleet that has been protecting the galaxy from invaders. He has had many fascinating experiences traveling throughout the galaxy that involve Time Travel, Teleportation, and Technology exchanges, and today you will be very surprised to find out who he really is!

Super Soldier Randy Cramer, is a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, special sections, who did a 30-year tour of duty and is still active. Seventeen years were with the Mars Defense Force (MDF) and 13 years with the Earth Defense Force (EDF); protecting earth and our solar system.

Elena Danaan is also a ‘Super Starseed’ who is a best-selling author, archeologist, and official Emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds that serves as a military and protective balancing force in our galaxy.

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