BEN FULFORD – Full Report – FRB Fenced Off and Deutsche Bank Raided et al

Benjamin Fulford 5-2-22… “FRB fenced off and Deutsche Bank raided in move to strangle KM funding” (RMN link)

Here’s an alternative link (thanks to KP) to Ben’s full report from this week:

Note to Readers: Ah, Rumor Mill News is better.

It is truly fascinating to see how the mind-programmed Left go from one freak-out session to another, triggered by just about anything that doesn’t fit in their extremely odd mindset. First it was forcing masking and vaccines on everyone. Then, when that failed, they jumped head first in a NATO and Nazi-regime controlled Ukrainian war against one of the highest and toughest militaries on the planet, the Russians. And then the take-over of Twitter by Elon Musk, who promises free speech for everyone… oh, my! And now, the ‘leak’ over the impending reversal of Roe vs. Wade, that allows the federal government to determine abortion rules, despite the fact the ruling violates the Constitution, infringes on States’ rights, etc. Freak-out after freak-out, desperately and overtly pushing their degenerate agenda on everyone else… Sorry, I feel parents should have some say on how their children are raised.

Hypocrisy, illogical, reactive, triggered, blaming/shaming… we’re seeing the shadow collective of our nation coming up right now. Do your best to keep a neutral stance and simply observe the ongoing purge which will continue until the last demon is vanquished. We will see those whom we thought were dark, exposed as White Hats and vice versa. It’s all a movie, a war movie. There will be collateral damage.

If it helps, remember that you and your loved ones, no matter their particular political lending or mindset, are fractals of Source energy. There is no death; simply a change of scenery and script.

P.S. The Left are too easily offended and triggered to realize that Trump and the Military are being highly successful in trolling them big time these days! The chess pieces are disappearing and the dominoes are falling.

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