Ascension and Micro Novas

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Ascension and Micro Novas

The following summaries are taken from a transcript of one of our past Plasma Live Calls.  These take place every Friday (always at a different time to accommodate everyone in different time zones).  This live call, number 34 in our library of 76 took place on June 19th 2021.  It’s one of the many calls available to you immediately upon joining the Plasma Light Tribe.  One of our members, Anna McKee was kind enough to take notes from the call and that gives me a great opportunity to share a sneak peak of what we get up to in those weekly live calls.  Here we go:

Connection: Our earth is hollow, and inside the earth is a sun. This inner sun of our planet has a direct connection to (our) solar sun and the solar sun has a direct connection to the galactic sun. Each of these are connected through a portal, what some (people) refer to as the umbilical cord or cosmic web.

Disconnection: When the moon (an artificial satellite) was brought into our solar system, it disrupted the Earth’s (inner) sun’s connection to the solar sun and in so doing, mortality and disease set in. At the same time, we were disconnected from the heavens at the crown in the same way the Earth was disconnected from the greater sun. All of that is being restored, and those that are sun lovers already know this because the sun lovers have an activated sun inside of them, which is their pineal gland.

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Terminology: The sun is the catalyst for weather transformation, for magnetic phenomenon, changes on other planets, and is the triggers for what we call ascension (shift from a carbon based body to a crystalline-liquid-light based body). YouTube Suspicious Observers channel creator Ben Davidson speaks of these observations in reference to the disaster cycle (3D perspective), which we refer to as ascension (4-5D perspective).

Micro-nova vs. Super Nova that is… Micro-novas aka solar flashes are ascension triggers…A more common term you have heard of is supernovas. When the sun goes supernova, the sun body is turning into a light being. When the sun goes micronova, it is sending off a flare which is a signal to all its surrounding planets. It is so big that it will not affect just one planet, it will affect the entire solar system. So, a micronova is like a mini supernova.

An Explanation from a nearby galaxy…

I once had a conversation with a being from a galaxy close to ours, that also went through the ascension cycle, and the question was asked, “What did it look like and what was the trigger?” The answer is one you may have heard of before, and what I think is a micronova, “The sun went black!” There are many ancient stories and prophecy related to the (black) sun going dark for three days and how it signifies a massive transformation on the planet. This being further explained that there was a solar flare unlike any other solar flare, and that it was like the sun had gathered all its entire coronal mass and ejected all its light into the cosmos.

In the blink of an eye… From a 3D perspective, this is referred to as a kill shot. But from a higher dimensional perspective we understand this as the solar flash that is also known as the harvest, that is the moment where the bodies are infused with SO much light. In that infusion of light, the dense carbon-based body instantaneously, in the blink of an eye, turns into a light body. We are doing all the work now, for that one millisecond, one moment in time, the one solar flash, so that our bodies are ready and can accommodate the light in the body. This is why I say that ascension happens to you; you do not make it happen.

Ascension happens through you; you cannot mess it up.   

 Ascension comes from the sun it is a burst of light!  

 The being then explained to me that once the burst of light happened and all went dark – all technology was wiped out, nothing worked (no batteries or machinery whatsoever). However, the being explained, there had been some sort of warning, so when this occurred these beings knew they were being transformed. The spectacular experience was that of being transformed from this dense carbon-based form into this light crystalline form. It was further explained that at this ascension point each human being will immediately be surrounded by their cosmic family.  

 Relax, we are here. Your angels and guides will be with you, and they will ask you to lay down and provide a calming presence. As you lay down, they will work with you because although ascension is an inside job, and is something that you walk through only alone, you are physically surrounded by support. Next you will walk through a space commonly referred to as the void. This is the same space as the Zero Point Zone, and why you are encouraged to spend time here, to become familiar with the space and the feeling. This is a space of no judgement, total peace, total acceptance, no flaring of energy, just the beautiful stabilizing calming ease.   

 Zero Point Zone: A private encoded meditation room for members to enter through on Discord. It is incredibly special, and you will feel a beautiful calming waft of energy that greets you as you enter. The ZPZ is a completely silent room, there is no typing or texting, so when you get there just leave an emoji and enjoy connecting in this special sacred space.

 You are surrounded by light beings and are filled with a sense of ease and peace, immersed in the fullness of presence your body begins to move into conversation with the universe.  The experience is an ecstatic one.

 On one hand it seems to happen instantaneously, in a few seconds, and yet if you go into those few seconds and dilate them, it feels like a couple of weeks in there. In this space you will feel the most peaceful moment of your lives! Your memory is restored, and with this the body is restored to the original natural blueprint. At this ascension point you will be joined by loved ones that have already passed over, and depending on individual soul contracts, some may embody and join you again.    

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