BEN FULFORD: 2nd Half of Weekly Report, 9 May 2022 – Justin Castro, Chrystia Freeland, Jill Biden and others flee to Ukraine as KM collapse continues

BEN FULFORD: 2nd Half of Weekly Report, 9 May 2022 – Justin Castro, Chrystia Freeland, Jill Biden and others flee to Ukraine as KM collapse continues…

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According to the FBI, 40,000 children have been disappearing every year in the United States for decades. Most of these children were probably tortured to death in order to gain adrenochrome, as several witnesses now say.

If this comes out, as it is now, there is no place for these criminals to hide, either on or off this planet.

Since we’re talking about criminals hiding, let’s take another look at Justin Castro, the election-stealing Manchurian candidate who tried to turn Canada into a totalitarian slave camp. Our Canadian intelligence sources tell us that the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS)

compromised by the KM. They charged a number of high-ranking generals with vague sexual offenses (all of which were denied or refuted) in order to prevent the military from doing its job and arrest the traitor Castro. The last straw for the Canadian military was when it appeared that Castro and his KM cronies had murdered General Trevor Cadieu.

Cadieu was to take over the leadership of the Canadian military before joining the long list of generals who have been sidelined over flimsy sexual harassment allegations. Now they are trying to explain his sudden disappearance with slanderous reports that he was caught by the Russians as the head of a bio-weapons laboratory in Ukraine.

When we contacted our Russian FSB sources, as well as Canadian and US intelligence sources, they all agreed that he was never captured by the Russians. The assumption is that this is a cover story to prevent the Canadian military from retaliating for the likely assassination of a high-ranking and popular general.

Castro and his KM colleagues have been desperately trying to neutralize the Canadian military, because their vaccine crimes are now fully revealed, and they fear arrest by the military police.

About the vaccine crimes has already been written in detail elsewhere, so we just want to point out some highlights. Probably the most important was the publication of Pfizer documents confirming that 1, 223 people died during the trials within the first 28 days after vaccination with the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine – and he was still approved for use.

The first domino has already fallen. Rady Johnson, the executive vice president of Pfizer, was arrested at his home and charged by federal officials with multiple counts of fraud. Will he sing like a canary or hang himself in his cell. Or maybe he suffers a sudden heart attack due to the stress? 

Be that as it may, the attempt to use Covid as a pretext to permanently enslave humanity has failed. For example, listen to the statement of the avatar Bibi Netanyahu that you have nothing to fear from Corona, this is all nonsense. (from Telegram)

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Another tidbit from Benjamin, that was not in his report:

“Charlie Ward announced the beginning of a good financial reset, I think it was last Saturday. Then, during an incendiary speech at a rally in Ohio, Trump announced that a big announcement would be made, I think it would happen sometime this week. His speech was about how they tracked down and found millions and millions of fake ballots for Biden, and that he was saving the results for an upcoming announcement. It looks like Biden is already leaving, and Trump will be back soon. We’ll have to wait and see, but obviously something is being prepared. In the meantime, let’s keep fighting to dump their whole damn pile until they are finally removed from control of the financial system. This is the key point. The destruction of the current fake financial system is the key, and it is happening slowly, drop by drop. I noticed that the Mossad propaganda website Debka has not been working for some time. Something is definitely going on.”

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Note to Readers: I found the very best link in order to put up the second half of Ben’s report, his Telegram channel. I didn’t realize that he had one until just the other day… The entire report is published there. Telegram has been the temporary refuge of a lot of truthers who got kicked off of other social media platforms. When Truth Social opens for Android and web connections by the end of the month, I anticipate a lot of people will migrate in that direction…

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