440 Hz Music – What Does the Universe Advise?

440 Hz Music – What Does the Universe Advise?

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432 Hz vs 440 Hz (Differences, Tuning, Which Sounds Better)


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From Telegram:

Science and spirituality were always at odds, until quantum physics started proving what spiritual teachings had been saying for millenia; everything is energy, vibration and frequency.

Those who control the world, knew what they were doing when they changed the frequency of music , they knew that humanity would become disengaged, dissonant, divided and disconnected.

God, the General Orchestra Director, created the perfect symphony of life, love and light; a wonderful, monumental, magical symphony where everything and everyone plays a part in perfect harmony, unity and frequency, until unfortunately, humanity’s frequency changed.

We are now playing out of tune, out of synch, in the wrong frequency. At odds with nature, with life and with each other.

It’s time to change our tune, to recalibrate and raise our frequency to match the universe’s divine frequency, so we may play the tune we were meant to play, in perfect symbiosis with nature, with the cosmos, with love, with light, with God.


Note to Readers: Not sure who wrote the piece above, but it does point out that the Rockefeller Family and other ‘blue-blood’ families have been involved in making decisions that led to the detriment of many, stripping away their right to choose bit by bit. In the United States in 1913, the Rockefellers started the destruction of natural medicine occurred as these wealthy families gave money to create colleges and universities that only taught allopathic or Western medicine. Legislation was supported to demonize holistic medicine and get rid of natural cures (herbs, etc.). The launching of this effort was in the same year that the Central Bank was reinstituted in the States… and the Internal Revenue Service became a thing. And this is just one example of how these wealthy families have influenced the trajectory of Western culture towards one of control, corruption, manipulation, and domination.

How Rockefeller Created the Business of Western Medicine

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