The Trump Time Travel Miracle – 2022 Revisit

The Trump Time Travel Miracle – 2022 Revisit

Jetson White

Tesla’s Tech is being used to get Humanity loaded aboard the Fleets. The Angel Stargates are powering the Time-Space Travel Trip to a New Beginning Timeline.

A complete rework of the popular Trump Time Travel series. New updated information and confirmations, new images, and new music. Includes new high-resolution images of ‘Q+.’

NOTE: If you are Human, you are of the Adamic Bloodline.

More links available on YouTube Channel.

Note to Readers: For those of you who are interested in science and its relationship to Time Travel. The ability of “Q” to forecast the next moves of the dark players is mentioned periodically, as is Tesla, John G. Trump (#45’s uncle) and other scientists…

Jetson White:

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