May Energies – Ego-hurt, Inner Child, Projection, Responsibility, Self-healing

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May Energies – Ego Hurt, Inner Child, Projection/Blame, Responsibility, Self-healing

Alexander Quinn

How painful will you make May for yourself?

Many of you are thinking: Can I survive May? Will this continue? Is it going to continue like this? Will I survive, How much more tired can I feel? Am I going to get through this emotionally? Can I purge anymore? I’m already highly strung, will it get worse? Alexander Quinn, I NEED answers now.


May was always going to be rough for the collective. If you want fluffy Bunnies and ego rubbing, it is because the ego is in full protective mode. Your ego is in survival mode. May WILL rock you. I see Light workers who say they are grounded and have their root and inner child together and yet they go onto social media, are triggered and lash out at others and pass blame. They project onto others unconsciously and are not in control of the inner child and the subconscious and on some level know and then go through guilt and other awful routines that ego doesn’t want to deal with in May and this starts an inner storm that never needed to start.

The Truth, is this: You are going to suffer this month if you are projecting onto others and not dealing with your shadow yourself. In May, it’s going to feel like everything is everyone else’s fault, but actually the reality will be that it is yours. This is a bitter pill (for the ego/false self) to swallow. Morpheus (The Matrix) said:

“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”


Light workers are now in May with the red pill. It’s almost like an acid tab, finding out they don’t like what they see, but can’t stop the trip. So the ego is transferring this onto others in an over compensatory convulsion of non-avoidance and then the result is what has played out in history in an old energy. Newer souls (will be) demonizing older souls and (attempting to) take away their light because those with a higher light than those struggling will have their shadow made out as dark, or bad people. However, this will be a game of the ego, but mostly the wounded child and fully grown adults having temper tantrums like children this month. It will get worse. The older soul knows better ( the empath / Master ) so they take the abuse, but it hurts. The newer soul and wounded child lashes out. The older soul will also feel the shadow this month, but will pass out of it MUCH faster. Those who are struggling the most this month will be creating an almost self-imposed energetic nightmare for themselves. Those in balance will read this with ease. Those who are battling their shadow will read this as if there was a wasp in their mouth stinging them that is, because they are not in flow state and fighting everything internally and externally.


All of you, regardless, are going to get through this energetically crazy month. Next month will be lighter (energetically). Ask yourself, how tough do you want to make this month? For you, truly, are the script writer of the coming days, no one else and the sooner you can take mastery of your shadow, the quicker you’re going to pass through this tough month with ease. May is about taking responsibility.


When feeling hate, anger, vengeance this month, which you are definitely likely to feel, (all of you, because of the life times you have experienced on Earth) so use compassion (for yourself and others). Use compassion for the emotions and memories that come up, even if it makes you feel sick, like you want to puke. (Compassion) is the countenance of the masters and starseeds who are actually in what you call 5D even though there are many Ds. That is a balanced lightworker. That is what you came here for. If you are a so-called lightworker, a so-called 5D player, and you are on social media and spreading judgment, aggression, personal projection, and more, then you might want to put away your light-worker’s cap and badges, cups and medals of light and come back to the drawing board in June when you have calmed down.

Teachers who sell what I call fake light will endorse a student who goes to university, gets drunk all the time and then crashes out as they fail their course and studies because no work was achieved. May is about staying home, staying sober, doing the tough hard work and passing the test with a A* and feel great after the event as a result.

You’re all going to get through May, but some of you will make this month impossible for yourselves as the creator of your reality will truly be you and you only. The irony is that you wanted this and now you’re turning back some of you. It’s called fear of the Light. The Light is here now. You wanted it. Delete those old programs you’re still swimming in. Jump out the box. Do something completely different. Let go. Just let go. The longer you hold onto the burning iron of May, the longer it will burn your hands and take longer to heal. June will be so much better. Don’t arrive in a box that says, “Only just survived it”. Arrive in a box that says: “I looked in the mirror. I took control. I didn’t run away. I sucked, and now June will pay dividends and I’ll start feeling great again. May will pass. How much pain will you put yourself and others through though?

Stay Balanced. You are growing. Evolution is not easy. The pay-off is worth it. Do the work first.

Alexander Quinn

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Note to Readers: May has started out with a bang for me. The old temper has moderated and softened (thank goodness). I have ceased blaming others. Still, I am experiencing extreme exhaustion and have to space out activities and get plenty of rest. We just entered a Mercury Retrograde and are in the midst of powerful Solar Eclipse energies, so take care of yourselves, ya hear?

Sounds like an excellent opportunity to do some serious Inner Child and Shadow Work!

I edited Alex’s piece and added a few things in parentheses for increased clarity.

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