The Telosii (A Gift From the Stars)

Episode 2: The Telosii (A Gift From The Stars)

Compounding Infinity

In this episode we delve into the ET race the Selosii/ Telosii as written in “A Gift From The Stars” by Elena Danaan. This race of ethereal beings are very benevolent and dedicate a lot of time to assisting us in our ascension.

We are able to cross reference information from “A Gift From The Stars” with information on the Telosii from “Telos Volume 1” by Aurelia Louise Jones, as well as information from Secret Government Whistle blowers on Cosmic Disclosure!

This is the first of many episodes that will be dedicated to the Telosii, so make sure to tune in as we expand on this topic!

Note to Readers: The Selosii from Alpha Centurari will be assisting in the terraforming of Mars to allow life to live on the surface. Please note the recent earthquake on the red planet. Elena Danaan will be doing an update on this development in a couple of days…

The Telosii are referred to in Celtic legends as “the Shining Ones” or the Sidhe.

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