The Ascension Wave – I FELT it hit me!

The Ascension Wave – I FELT it hit me! The World was PURIFIED… in an INSTANT!!!

Kerry K

A recent vision of the ascension moment, came to me a few days ago, I would like to share it with you and so look forward to hearing your feedback about what I’m sharing. I saw the ascension wave, this time, like a BOOM of clear light, an energy that swept onto the planet and took with it all darkness. What survived, was that which can hold themselves as a solid structure once that ascension wave has swept through them. There are those who were not able to and they left with the wave, there are those who stayed, and they were able to stay because there was already a substance within them that existed separate to the darkness. Those who are/were predominantly darkness without enough life in them, they left with the wave.

Note to Readers: It’s time to focus on the NEW. We do not have to respond to the Dark. That energy is going to be moved off this planet. Wonderful video! ❤

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