Elena Danaan – The Mysteries of Orion: Black League Incarnates

Elena Danaan – The Mysteries of Orion: Black League Incarnates

The School of Multidimensional Intuition

Hey guys it is happening again! Our show continues Saturday 5/21/22 at approx 6pm EDT when we will be meeting with none other than Elena Danaan for a strange and illuminating moment in our collective earth based experience.

In this episode we will be discussing ongoing contact protocols, the emergence of Orion energy within our collective and even a bit about one of currently incarnated groups on Earth who are activating into entirely new stages of identity and mission known as the Black League.

If all goes well we will be taking a few questions from our audience and keeping it quite weird for all you Strange Beings who find your way into our little corner of the multidimensional trailer park.

NOTE TO READERS: Excellent interview and discussion.

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