Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly Geopolitical Report, 6 June 2022 – 2nd Half

Full Update | Benjamin Fulford — June 6th 2022: Satan has returned to the original creation and received absolution

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Frankly, reading that (see the above article) about the Amish and the Baptist congregations being involved in incest and child abuse doesn’t surprise me in the least. Incest and child abuse is far too pervasive in our ‘culture’ to be tolerated any further. And those who hide or cover up these crimes are as culpable, including the police, physicians and anyone else involved. While we’re at it, the Catholics, Mormons, and other religious institutions are probably involved, as well.

It is my feeling that the extent of misogynism in our society — for that is what rape, incest, pornography, etc. come down to, a hatred, anger, resentment… fear of women and those innocents whom they bring forth through the act of creation – children.

Why do transgender males want to be females? Why do they pretend that men can get pregnant and give birth to a live child? Why are so many women set in removing the fetus of an unborn and are willing to carry the guilt for the murder of a child for the rest of their lives? What is the source of this disassociation from understanding and knowing with one’s heart, the sacredness of life?

How did our society become so warped, so perverse, so inverted in its essential nature? It happened over time, slowly… at least until the communist takeover of America became blatant within the last couple of years.

The moral compass of many Americans has been lost. These lost and confused egos look outside of themselves for direction. They are willing to hand over the sovereignty of their bodies in order to get a vaccine pass to allow them to attend restaurants and events. Excuse me if I smack my forehead in disbelief at some of the words uttered by so-called liberals and progressives. I had more common sense when I was five years old than some of these ‘people’.

As I have written before, I am a survivor of incest. I have seen and experienced the dark side of this culture, at least in part. I do not claim to be a victim. I was a child and he was my guardian. He violated my sovereignty, even as other men and sometimes women violate the sovereignty of other children every day. Until our society can treat its most vulnerable with compassion, respect, tenderness, and regard… this nation will drown in its own karmic backlash.

It is time to return to center, to realign with Source, with Creator, and treating all life with respect, seeing the Universe reflected not only in the eyes of a child, but the eyes of every man, woman, child, animal and the planet itself. Forgive yourself as I had to forgive myself and my father. Let go of the fear, the anger, the grief… the self-denial and accept yourself as you are today, a child of God… a God that looks upon all his children with equanimity no matter what they think or feel about themselves.

We are fractals of the Creator who chose to expand its consciousness and to experience physicality. I would have to say that Earth humans in particular have touched the very high and lows of what is possible within physicality. Now that that has been accomplished, our Creator is calling us Home. Those who are prepared and conscious of this call are making themselves ready. Their lamps are full of oil and ready to be lit. Is yours?

Yeshua and all of the great Masters of the ages have spoken of Love, not hatred, division, anger, denial. Many of those who claim to be saved really aren’t truly awakened yet to the reality of what it takes to surrender fully to the Holy Spirit, to the One who knows every secret hidden away within their hearts. It takes a truly humble person to submit, to open their heart and receive the Light, allowing the darkness to rise up to the surface and be tenderly washed away with tears of repentance.

The Creator does not judge as its essence encompasses all things. Yet for a man to pass the gate into another density, to raise his frequency he must needs surrender and drop all of the burdens that he has hidden and buried behind layers of denial and projection. To raise one’s frequency, to ascend, the work must be done… yet the burden of letting go can be light. Feel what you will feel as the Light continues to intensify… as it will for it is our SUN that is ascending into a higher frequency and carrying all of us with her. The darkness that is leaving, if you let it, will be felt as various emotions. Allow the stream of your breath to carry these emotions and cleanse what remains behind… like a river scouring its bed during a great flood, it will carry off the debris… yet this time, the debris is energetic. Eventually, the stream will run clear again and you will feel the purity and wonderment, the delight in life that remains.

As a human collective, we have entered into the 4th dimension and there is now a sorting out process between those who have surrendered their sovereignty and have become less than human and those who stand firm. The confusion and chaos will continue until the Sun itself gives a great signal, but every day we endure the waves that are increasing in strength and velocity. Allow that Light to purge what must be purged so your consciousness will become relieved of all the darkness taken on voluntarily by simply incarnating into this planet.

The darkness was never you. You took it on by volunteering to incarnate here. You took on the programming, the belief systems, the advice and guidance of your elders, your belief that your parents loved you and would do you no harm… until they did, through acts of commission and omission. Let go the pain, the sense of betrayal, the anger, the blame, the confusion, the disbelief… and rediscover the center of your existence as an Eternal Soul, the true essence of Self, that is and has been untouched, pure and unsullied, no matter your outer experiences in life. Your true Self ever abides with the Creator and requires no salvation. It simply is.



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