Russian Pyramids and the Lost Secrets of Sacred Geometry

Russian Pyramids and the Lost Secrets of Sacred Geometry

Portal to Ascension

I feel the most important area of my current research is a recent (re)discovery I made which links the geometry of the Russian Pyramid to the progression of the Platonic Solids. This research is based on an ancient diagram found in Robert Lawlor’s “Sacred Geometry – Philosophy & Practice”. We know that Metatron’s Cube is a two-dimensional depiction of the three dimensional Platonic Solids. Similarly, Lawlor’s two dimensional diagram, when plotted in three dimensions, maps the progression of the Platonic Solids inside a geometric boundary condition identical to that of the Russian pyramid geometry. This helps to explain a few things: 1) the energetic properties of the pyramid, 2) the presence of this geometry in all aspects of Nature, religious buildings and DNA, and 3) the link of the pyramid geometry to the Torus.

Note to Readers: For our scientific geeks…

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