Alien Chronicles (S1E6) – Human Teleportation – Aliens and UFOs


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Distinguished pioneer of exopolitics, Dr. Michael Salla, describes the many Alien races that have interacted with humans and the Military Industrial Complex connection. Among the many staggering topics, Salla outlines the Government system to facilitate the secrecy of the E.T. presence and their efforts to harness Stargate technology that would allow human teleportation.

From the dawn of mankind, they have been here guiding us, monitoring us, perhaps helping us with our advancement, but also manipulating us to some kind of end game. No, we are not alone and never were. From the true stories of credible eyewitnesses, learn fascinating insight into the Alien Presence on Earth and what it may mean for mankind.

(Posted by Michael Salla on his Telegram Channel)

Associated article:

The unedited interview this article is based on happened around 2004. Recent info suggests Reptilian threat at the time was neutralized as discussed in my 2022 Galactic Federations book. “Aggressive alien reptilians want to lead ‘fascist’ system on Earth, professor claims”

Regressive Reptilian recently driven from Terra, possibly a Naga

Note to Readers:

This is the missing piece of the puzzle behind the international tensions. It’s time for the presence of extraterrestrials be revealed to the public. Of course, it will profoundly and in some ways negatively affect existing institutions and belief systems… A paradigm shift is required so our world is run by real human beings.

I’ve been listening to this comprehensive review on how the black budget operations started in the 1950’s, the real extent of Earth human involvement with ETs, the unbridled ability of the CIA to abscond with funds (lawfully) from other ‘federal’ agencies, the real reason the US went into Iraq (and it wasn’t to find WMD) etc. I highly recommend watching this report even if it is from 2006. The information that Michael Salla will connect a lot of dots for those who are truly interested in learning more about the reality of American (and other nations) involvement with ETs for several decades now. Dr. Salla also mentions the possible presence of ancient ET technology (cuneiform tablets) and stargates or portal systems that might have been found in Iraq and Afghanistan. This report sums up this early and continued involvement of the USA government with ETs and a dedicated withholding of said information from the general public, Congress, and even the various presidents who have held office since Eisenhower.

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