Earth’s Schumann Resonance Update

Schumann Resonance

This is severely intense! That thick red spike occurred for many hours. It didn’t even descend even a little. It’s way off the charts!!!

This is why I’m having anxiety since last night, and I couldn’t sleep. I’m feeling these intense energies.

(Starseeds are more sensitive to vibrations and frequencies .There are other starseeds who messaged me last night/yesterday, and they aren’t feeling well. I hope you guys are okay.)

Guard your thoughts and emotions, this may amplify them. These high frequencies can mix and penetrate with our own magnetic field. I really advice everyone to protect their state of mind, especially their emotional state.

These constant increase in our Earth’s frequency, and the constant electromagnetic blasts from the SUN, will activate the the dormant (locked) strands of the human DNA, enabling humans to gain higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

We are just in the beginning stages.

List of symptoms:

  1. Disrupted sleep patterns
  2. Tiredness and increased need for sleep
  3. Elation/mild euphoria
  4. Cloudy thinking
  5. Headaches
  6. Lack of hunger or increased hunger
  7. Unsettledness or anxiety
  8. Dizziness and clumsiness
  9. Unexplained flashes of light
  10. Unusual dreams
  11. Enhanced daydreams
  12. Numbness and tingling
  13. Hot and cold flashes
  14. Unusual insights and epiphanies
  15. Strong desire to be alone or to be with like-minded people/friends
  16. A desire to be around water – – as in Lakes and streams
  17. Ringing in ears
  18. Random aches and pains

Some ways on how to deal with it:

  1. Rest as much as possible.
  2. Get out into nature to absorb energy (esp near trees or forests)
  3. Stay hydrated. (Drink lots of water)
  4. Do grounding or earthing (walk barefoot on earth to absorb its energy more and be connected)
  5. Listen to calming/healing music frequencies (432hz/528hz or Solfeggio frequencies)

Via Mel Macam

Note to Readers:

Oh, yes… I’m beginning to fully understand that my body is a barometer when it comes to spikes in the Schumann Resonance and/or incoming CMEs, etc.

The last couple of days, I’ve experienced an assortment of the symptoms listed above. Anyone who is the least bit awake, psychically sensitive, and tuned into their personal somatic sensations (body sensations) will know what I mean.

The calming music is a must. I limit my exposure to violent or upsetting news content. I take daily walks in nature in my ‘hood’ at sunrise. I eat a simple home-cooked diet. I drink plain filtered water. And so on. And I have recently added a short daily meditation session to my daily routine to relax my body before heading for bed. As a sensitive, I pick up on the anxiety of everyone around me, so meditation and calming music, even thunder and rain videos, aids in relaxation.

Take care of yourself while our physical bodies adjust to the intensification of the incoming high cosmic energies. Your physical body is your foundation for ascension, the temple and dwelling place of your soul essence. It is your responsibility to take care of it while you remain on the Earth plane.


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