Jade Lore: Ep. 9: Analysis – Using Discernment

Jade Lore: Ep. 9: Analysis – Using Discernment

Jade Lore

Note to Readers:

Comprehensive guide to discernment and analysis of ‘information’ available ‘out there’…

Now let me see, was I personally involved in disseminating disinformation even unknowingly?

  • Elevated myself to commander level
  • claimed descent from various ‘spiritual’ beings
  • Channeled various sources from the Galactic Federation of Light
  • Occasionally offered my own perspective on information I was receiving
  • Claimed superiority over ‘Earth’ humans

You see, I was caught up in some kind of AI and/or archonic spell for a time. I’ve completely stepped away from it, forgoing channeling information despite the fact that I would attract a greater readership if I did channel information…

I also accepted whole cloth, at least initially, what other people told me about my star being background… that is until I started raising questions about a lot of things I was being told.

Then, when I finally was able to step away from the dreamspell, all of my former associates dropped me like a hot rock. I had dared to question the narrative. I am still daring to question it, as we all should. Question EVERYTHING, including what I share here.

What I write is coming from my own opinions, experience, and studies. I do not expect anyone to ‘follow’ me or to believe everything I share here. We all have something to offer. Each of us contains a piece of the puzzle. No one is superior or above another. Our benevolent brothers and sisters do not look down upon us as if we are lesser beings. Our consciousness has been reconnected to Source now that the Veil is thinning and the Light of Creation is shining through. Discover what lies within you. If you stumble, like I did, pick yourself up and find what energizes you and gives you joy.

P.S. I don’t regret the experiences that I underwent for a period of at least three to six years. I have learned the lie by participating in it from the inside. What Jade is sharing above is worthy of consideration. Elena Danaan has also given the video her stamp of approval, if that means anything to you. Make up your own mind, about everything, take responsibility for your own growth, your own mistakes, your own reroutes and changes in direction. We are here to experience being imperfect. We forgot who we are in truth; now, it is time to remember.



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