NASA is Planning Moon Mission to Explore Mysterious ‘Domes’

Earth Rise from Luna

NASA is Planning Moon Mission to Explore Mysterious Domes

From Michael Salla:

Interesting synchronicity. On June 6 it was announced that NASA is setting future Moon missions to explore mysterious domes. Today, Elena Danaan just posted info from Thor Han Eredyon about ancient technology being found on the Moon that is being studied by the Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation

Link below:

Note to Readers:

I watched Elena’s video on the latest update from Commander Thor Han Eredyon on a recent mission to Luna (the Moon) to fetch some really ancient technology that was left behind by the Zenae (Andromedans). The talented Elena was able to draw her impressions of one object that looked like a giant-sized butterfly crystalis and some of the scientists involved in the project.

If any of my readers have not yet subscribed to either Dr. Michael Salla’s and Elena Danaan’s websites and YouTube sites, I would hardily recommend them as being some of the most scientific, well-documented disclosure on current developments in exopolitics, of our own solar system.

Luna is the real name of our moon, an ancient artificial satellite that was tractor-beamed into place a very long time ago to add in the balance of the solar system. Keep in mind that the advanced ET races like the Zenae and Pleiadians (and others) are very capable of terraforming entire planets and solar systems. For a very long time, the Orion Greys and other ET races had bases on the surface of the moon. Since Luna is an artificial, hollow structure, with quite a lot of infrastructure within the planetoid, it should offer NASA and other scientists decades of exploration and research opportunities.

I hope NASA will, someday, be more honest and forthright about its involvement in hiding the real extent of various Terran governments in space travel and interactions with ET races, both regressive and benevolent. Dr. Michael Salla (and others) have worked tirelessly for decades to bring forth information to fill in the gaps of knowledge and understanding of what was really behind the sometimes inconsistent behavior of various governmental policies (endless wars, economic crashes, weather manipulation, disappearing children/humans, etc.). There is quite a bit of very dark history there to uncover. It will shock many who still believe in the benevolence of their governments, corporations, and institutions.

Why I seem impervious to the lies of our government, I don’t know. I just am and mighty glad that I am given what is currently going down behind the scenes and in front of our faces. The deep state, or rather the regressive alien control agenda of the Ciakahrr Reptilians, Nebu and Grey Alliance of the Orion Zone, and the Annunaki, is being slowly and painfully removed, including all of their minions, within our governments, institutions, secret societies, and from their underground facilities.

The Reptilians and Greys were removed last year from the DUMBs and their bases on Luna, on Tyr (Mars) and other moons within our solar system. The removal included the Nacht Waffen or Dark Fleet of the German Nazi breakaway civilization that was formerly stationed on Antarctica, Luna, and Tyr. They no longer have access to their former bases on Terra. Good riddance.

The efforts to completely free our planet from these ancient regressive alien agendas is finally happening, thanks to the efforts of the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, with support from the Ashtar Galactic Command.

P.S. For those misguided individuals who think they are in communication with individuals from the Ashtar Command or the GFW, I remind you that these are MILITARY organizations. The crews are heavily involved in dangerous missions and do not have the time to communicate with people on the surface of Terra. Like any military organization, information is compartmentalized, on a need to know basis, and those who would share any unauthorized information would be subjected to immediate military justice. In the case of Elena Danaan and Thor Han Eredyon, their connection via a secure AI link has been authorized by Thor Han’s superior, Commander Ardaana, but only after an operation has been successfully completed and if such knowledge will not endanger the safety of Elena.

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