Trump’s Trap! [They] Took the Bait!

Trump’s Trap! [They] Took The Bait! Pelosi, Schumer & The FBI Staged Jan. 6 & Trump Caught Them All!

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Note to Readers:

Is anyone else tired of the lies and propaganda coming from the Left in Congress and Washington D.C.?

This is a Christian news source (obvious from the title above)…

The crimes of the Left (and the RINOs) are being recorded and justice will arrive… eventually. The letter of the law is being followed. The people are being educated in the process, the long, painful process of disclosure of this criminal cartel that has been in control of the USA since the late 1800’s.

Below is an article from Lara Logan that further establishes the existence of a (KM) plot to attack DJT:

The great Lara Logan just retruthed an article suggesting that Ukraine was behind the January 6th set up. Just when you think you know it all some other plot twist comes into view. Ukrainian Nazis were intermixed in the crowd along with feds and cops who waved and practically begged Patriots to step foot inside the building. Nothing to see here. Everything is connected somehow. It’s actually mind blowing. Sauce:

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