Life in a Quiet Place – Self-love in the Rural Countryside

Life in a Quiet Place – Self-love in the Rural Countryside

The Cottage Fairy

I’m so happy to share that my book – The Cottage Fairy Companion – is now available for pre-order!

Notes to Readers

Recently married, this author, artist, herbalist, gardener, philosopher… lives near Winthrop, Washington State, on the eastern side of the Cascades.

Her insights into self-love are profound and basic. And you get to peek into the rural beauty of the region with its abundance of wildflowers filling the forest and meadows in late spring.

With no big agenda other than getting to know herself more deeply, the sharings of this forest fairy lend a note of grace and beauty during tumultuous times…

In the past, I’ve hiked, XC skied, and backpacked in the mountains nearby. It is beautiful country.

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