Massive M Class Solar Flare Overnight!!

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by S.A. Smith

Overnight we experienced a massive solar flare event.

It wasn’t so much the size of the Solar Flare that was the big deal.

Although an M3 Solar Flare is nothing put impressive.

It was the long duration of the Flare. It registered for THREE FULL HOURS. Causing many of the tools to falsely report three Solar Flares rather than one.

All of the Solar Flare energy then came straight into us and caused the KP 5 Solar Storms overnight.

As you know where there is a Solar Flare, plasma is then pushed off the sun. With a long duration Flare like this one, it would be a very good sized CME event.

This time though most of the powers that be say it will not hit us. Although NOAA this morning is saying spacecraft and missions near Earth maybe effected.

So we may see a small sideswipe of the Earth with this CME come the 13th or 14th.

Another big energetic factor on us is the incoming full moon.

It will be here tomorrow night, but we are already feeling the effects today.

Between that pull on your energetic systems and all the energized energies all around you. It’s going to be a very exciting energy day.

Energized is the word of the day!!

We have all these particles that energized overnight flowing in. Plus the Flux Energies tingling and cracking around you.

More of those big shift aka Ascension Energies will be flowing in later today.

Energy levels within our systems are so evaluated now, we can manipulate energy around us.

If you find your phone’s Bluetooth is disconnecting on you randomly.

Or lightbulbs are burning out when you flip switches.

Or lights go off and on randomly?

Electronics around you start going haywire, that’s YOUR energy doing that.

Ground, and you might need to do it twice a day, and it will all calm down.

It’s an exciting day in the energies.

As you know everything can and will change in the Flash, so enjoy the now!

Much love and light,

-SA Smith
A Girl in the Universe

From Suspicious Observers – claims the CME will MISS Terra…

~ ~ ~

Breathe, ground, rest, hydrate… your physical body is being upgraded.

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