Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks, Montana Flooding

Glacier National Park, Montana Flooding, June 14th, 2022

Jeep n’Nuts

Due to flooding many of the trails were closed, and “The going to the Sun Road” was closed to Vehicles by the “Trail of the Cedars” trailhead.

Yellowstone National Park is also experiencing flooding, road and trail closures.

Park Junkie

As of June 13th, 2022, Yellowstone National Park is closed to incoming visitors & guests are being evacuated due to recent record rainfall.


RV Miles

In this month’s edition of News from the Parks, a late-breaking story out of Yellowstone, all 5 entrances are closed due to flooding and dangerous conditions. Also, the Interior Department is banning the sale of single-use plastics, a woman gets gored by a bison, and more.

Yellowstone National Park: Flooding and Closed for now…

Laura’s View & Tarot, too

Laura checks if there is another perspective behind the floods in Yellowstone. She intimates that a huge calamity has been avoided, in other words, the White Hats or Earth Alliance have foiled yet another Deep Space plot to cause the Yellowstone Super Volcano to blow up. Such an eruption would destroy most of the northern tier of the United States, and parts of Canada, besides causing a major alteration in planetary weather patterns for years.

I was aware of this “plot” which was, of course, regulated to the growing pile of “conspiracy theories”. It’s been on the back burner of the DS for a long time and rumored in alt media as potential.

Keep in mind, also, that the West is pockmarked with tunnels and DUMBs ranging from Denver to Washington State and California, south to New Mexico and Arizona. No state in the nation is without a tunnel system, although at this point many have been destroyed or are now controlled by the Earth Alliance. Interesting times we live in, folks.

As for Yellowstone Park, given that Highway 89 is washed out in several places, it will take months if not years to repair, replace and/or re-route the highway. This highway accesses the Park headquarters and has served as the primary supply route. It will not be opening back up this season, period. The damage is too severe and the construction season in Montana and Wyoming, is too short. The entire northern loop of the Park is out of commission. Cooke City is isolated. Red Lodge has been heavily damaged due to the flooding that took place there after a bridge washed out. If you’ve been planning to go to Yellowstone, check the Park website for the latest updates. Keep in mind it will take some time to make a thorough assessment of the damage done to park infrastructure, including power sources, supply routes, roads, bridges, and possibly trails.

People don’t realize just how isolated parts of Yellowstone National Park is from major cities and the fact that the backbone of the North American continent, the Continental Divide, bisects the park. Some of the highways… in fact, most of them are impassable during winter months due to heavy snow in the higher elevations of the Park.

Note to Readers:

Well, it appears that Montana is not currently experiencing a drought, unlike areas further south in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and West Texas. Wow! BTW, I used to live in the Yellowstone River Valley south of Livingston. Livingston and Gardner, MT are affected by these floods, as are bridges, houses, and infrastructure…

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