Is the U.S. Military Involved with the Biolabs?

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Is the U.S. Military Involved with the Biolabs?

Author: Clandestine (from Telegram)

I’ve had many questions about how we can still have faith in the US MIL, when the DoD are caught up in this entire international biological network. Simply put, this situation is heavily nuanced. Certain elements of certain entities have been compromised. Not necessarily entire entities themselves.

For example the DoD; 99.999% of the DoD had absolutely no idea any of this was going on. The top echelon get orders to allocate X amount of money to a non-government foundation (NGO) (Clinton, Gates, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros), they write the check, the money is sent off, and then the non-government entities send the money to the privately owned biolabs and the research is conducted by contractors, in most cases not even Americans.

So a tiny percentage out of 3 million people working for the DoD knew about this allocation of funds, and this handful of people didn’t really have a choice but to obey because they are orders, and if you don’t follow orders they will just discharge/jail you, take away your pay and retirement pension and put someone in who will obey the orders.

In all likelihood, the DoD wasn’t complicit in this plot. It was just business as usual and nobody thought to question it. The Ideologues were just using the DoD to send money to their own foundations so they could then do what they want with it, off the books.

From there, it was the non-government foundations that were sending the money to labs in low resource countries, with little regulations and outside the scope of congressional or executive oversight. Whatever research the labs did with the money was well outside of the jurisdiction of the DoD. It was being carried out by non-government entities using contractors with US funds stolen from the American taxpayer.

It’s high level espionage and infiltration. So it’s difficult to label who’s directly responsible, because this entity doesn’t have an official name. This isn’t a uniformed enemy. These are insurgents. This is infiltration. But unfortunately, the infiltrators were able to weaponized the DoD and many other entities for their nefarious deeds. So without knowledge of this nuance, one might think the entire DoD are evil, when in reality it’s just bad actors in the White House abusing the DoD for their own malevolent agenda.

Thankfully, Russia seems very aware of this, otherwise things would potentially be very, VERY different. It would also appear that the DoD are not happy about all of this, via their release statement the other day exposing the 46 labs their money was shipped to, and their lack of involvement in any alleged biological weapons production. Given they are the ones footing blame from the public, and are also responsible for dealing with the repercussions should Russia directly retaliate on the US, you might understand why the DoD are displeased.

You’ll notice the US MIL haven’t lifted a finger during this entire Ukraine debacle. They aren’t risking their skin for the black site biolabs. It’s not their problem.

In fact, I believe the US MIL are heavily involved in this whole thing, but they are working with Russia. Let’s face it, the US MIL are involved in EVERYTHING around the globe. Our Navy and Air Force dwarfs the rest of the world forces combined and are marginally advanced technologically. We own the seas, the skies, the night, space, and we have 750 military bases spanning every continent, across 80 countries all over the world. And those are just the ones they tell you about, not counting the secret ones. So you think the US MIL are not involved in this to some extent, you are mistaken.

Every day, multiple people ask me when the US MIL are going to step in. I’d argue that you’re already seeing it unfold. They are clearly giving Russia the okay to go take care of these labs, as they haven’t tried to stop them in any way, shape, or form. The US MIL have proven to us they have no interest in protecting Biden’s labs or assisting the Deep State media in their messaging about the biolabs in Ukraine.

There’s not gonna be any headlines letting you know when things officially “start”. The Revolution won’t be televised. It looks like it’s already habbening.


And here is the article where the DOD throws Brandon under the bus:

Note to Readers:

So, can the American people trust the military? I think so… they’re not responsible for the way things were set up in Washington D.C. or that some of their leaders were acting in a traitorous fashion supporting the agenda of the NWO / globalists. There is a lot of things happening out of sight — and I understand that people don’t want to hear that anymore.

I guess I’ve lived long enough to remember when the only phone in our house was the one on the wall or sitting on top of a desk, or having a car without car seats and seat belts… or playing 45’s on a record player, or listening to an AM radio, having my Mom at home when we got back from school, helping her with hanging out the laundry and taking it down. Life was simpler, not better, but simpler. All our meals were home-cooked; eating out was a rare occasion and a treat… and usually at a place that had a buffet. The television was downstairs and not on all hours of the day. We mowed the lawns with a hand mower.

My father and all three uncles were in the military at one time or another. So, yes, I trust the military. When the timing is right according to their Commander in Chief, #45, the covert war will surface and the final scenes play out primarily in Democrat-run (and corrupt) cities. So, continue to exercise some patience and fortitude. Compared to my life as a child, even some of the poorest of Americans of today are better off — and we were considered a middle-class family… Well, and gas was 29 cents per gallon!

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