Spiritual Update 15 June 2022: Vogel Crystal Schumann Shock Singularity

Spiritual Update 15 June 2022: Vogel Crystal Schumann Shock Singularity

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Yesterday Sunday, June 12, 2022, Elena Danaan and Dan Willis discovered a spiritual corridor for elevation consciousness. All loving incarnates must celebrate.

Our water planet itself alone has a natural frequency of 7.83 Hz. This resonance is called The “Schumann Resonance,” and the same wave frequency also occurs in your brain. This unique resonance is the mandatory brainwave frequency to experience the calm, super chill, sleepy state you need to heal your cells.

Go to Elena Danaan’s YouTube Channel or website to find the video from June 12th; I cannot copy the link here. This experiment can be done by anyone…

Here is a video interview with Dan Willis:

Research of Dr Marcel Vogel into healing the body utilizing cut crystals

Dan Willis

My friend Marko in Serbia wanted to do a discussion on the work I did back in the 1980s with Dr. Marcel Vogel who set up a laboratory researching the interface between mind and the geometries of both quartz crystals and water.

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