Michael Salla: The Connection Between ET & Military Abductions of Private Citizens

The Connection Between ET & Military Abductions of Private Citizens

Dr. Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

Melinda Leslie has been researching extraterrestrial abductions and subsequent military re-abductions (aka MILABs) since 1993, which is when she was first taken by military personnel for a debriefing at a deep underground military base. Melinda has experienced gray alien abductions since her childhood, and it was only when the US military took an interest in her experiences and began debriefings where she and other abductees were drugged and interrogated that she decided to expose what was secretly happening.

For nearly 30 years, Melinda has worked with top extraterrestrial abduction researchers such as Dr. John Mack, Budd Hopkins, and Dr. David Jacobs to understand a complex phenomenon involving multi-generational abductions by off-world beings, hybrid children, rapid development of psychic abilities, and Earth’s future. In her first interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Melinda explains her background, experiences with multiple extraterrestrial species, and the key issues and challenges that lie in store for those wanting to fully understand the abduction phenomenon.

Melinda currently resides in Sedona, Arizona where she leads UFO tours at night using military Generation III Night Vision Goggles. Her website is https://www.ufosightingtours.com/

A comment from Elena Danaan regarding the Gray-human hybridization agenda:

The bond with the mother is part of the Gray hybrid invasion agenda: women who are horribly abducted all their life, used as cattle for producing hybrids like factory animals, are then shown one of the creatures resulting from these practices, to create an emotional bond. These factory mothers will then promote the gray Hybridization agenda.

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Note to Readers:

So, what is the Gray-Human hybridization agenda? To put it succinctly, it is an agenda to replace Earth humans with Gray-human hybrids. Long ago, another colony of Lyran humans was invaded, conquered and taken over by the Grail, a regressive Orion Grey collective. The humans who didn’t manage to escape the onslaught, both Ahel and Noor colonists, were then hybridized with another slave race, Zeta Reticuli Greys, creating an engineered slave race. These people are now called the Asbaan-Hu. The ultimate destiny of such hybridization is control of the destiny of these ‘people’. This was going to be the destiny of Terra, as well… to remain under the control of the Dracos (Ciakahrr Reptilians) and their sometime allies, the Orion Grey Collective. This sort of thing is in direct violation of the Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation, which is why we are being helped now by benevolent ET races.

The Greys want to return to Terra and are using the emotional connection between mother and child as a possible means to get people to agree. It would be a HUGE mistake.

The hybrid children have been removed from the DUMBs, from the black operations between Terrans and regressive ET races like the Grail, the Ciakahrr, even human races from Altair, Sirius B (Thula) and Pleiadians from the Jayha system… These children are being rehomed to systems that can accept them, usually the Centauri system, as many of these children do not appear human enough to be accepted here. Our cultures have been developed to discourage acceptance of anyone or anything ‘different’. Whatever their origin, these children are being taken care of and will be given a real chance in life… on other worlds. These hybridization programs take place as a matter of course when either the Orion Greys or the Ciakahrr Reptilians conquer a solar system. It is part and parcel of their agenda to retain their control. The Annunaki did the same thing to Terrans in the past here on this planet by reducing our active DNA to two strands…

For further information, reference Elena Danaan’s book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races.

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