New Russian MOD Document Release on US Biolabs in Ukraine, 16 June 2022

by Clandestine

Okay, massive story about to drop, yet again.

Russian Ministry of Defense release new documents, slides and statements on US biological activity in Ukraine!

It will be 8 separate posts with supporting docs. (from Telegram)


The Ukrainians were using their own people as guinea pigs in lab experiments…


Russian Ministry of Defense releases new official briefing, slides and documentation pertaining to US biological malfeasance! Direct accusations of violation of the Nuremberg Code and more direct evidence against Hunter Biden!

I will break this up into 8 posts here on Telegram it will all be in one thread on my Substack for easy sharing. Let’s get into it.

1) Experiments on mentally ill people:

Here Russia shows a series of facilities they are accusing of unethical medical experimentation and in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

They show a black site experimental lab in Kharkov, 4 million dollar facility built with funds from the Pentagon, disguised as a pharmaceutical facility. In addition to the surrounded labs and psychiatric wards where they were using to supply subjects for the experiments.

These allegations are not to be taken lightly. The punishment for the accused crime is death.

Research on Mosquito Vectors

2) Research of mosquitoes as carriers of vector-born infections:

Remember that Russia is hyper focused on Veterinary facilities and animal vectors for biological weapons. Think Mariupol and Nicaragua.

Here in this slide Russia shows US funding sent to US facility in Ukraine, in which they conducted experiments to use mosquitos as vectors, and 30% of scientists involved are formerly related to WMDs.

The US claims the function of the mosquitos as vectors, would be to “counteract disease” from natural mosquitos. Very similar to the US DARPA program Insect Allies, that uses bug armies to “counteract disease” and prevent famine to crops.

The US created biologically charged bug armies capable of spreading any number of pathogens. While claiming to fight disease, they are in fact spreading it themselves for political gain and geopolitical advantages. Using it to strike famine on militaristic enemies to beat them economically, by killing off livestock, crops, and labor force, aka humans.

3) Historical facts on US military and biological activities:

In the next slide, Russia builds on the former slide of US using animal
vectors to target humans, livestock, and crops. They go on to show the numbers of infectious human, animal, and plant diseases that were unleashed on Cuba in the ’80s, amid tensions between US and Cuba during the Cold War.

Castro directly accused the US CIA of using biological weapons on Cuba, and the numbers would suggest it was not accidental. And given we know the US has these capabilities, it’s highly probable Castro was telling the truth. That’s not an endorsement of Fidel Castro, but the US are not innocent.

Russia then goes to show supporting reports of CIA involvement with African Swine Fever outbreak in Cuba.

Hepatitis Research

4) Analysis of Tularemia and Hepatitis outbreaks:

In this slide, Russia addresses the agreement between the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Black and Veatch (Think Biden), and the US Defensive Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). They show formal documentation for legal “ EXPANSION” of laboratories. The US was supposed to go in and destroy the post-Soviet WMDs, not take them over and expand production.

They then go on to show the expansion of labs and US biological activity in Ukraine is what led to the Hepatitis outbreaks all over Ukraine since 2017. The outbreaks correspond directly to US DTRA funded labs, in relation with Black and Veatch.

Field Epidemiology Training Programs

5) Training of Ukrainian specialists in the Field Epidemiology Training Program:

Here Russia goes over US documentation showing US training Ukrainians to compile and analyze data. Essentially just showing further proof of agreed government collusion between the US and Ukraine.

There is however one extremely important nugget highlighted in the middle.

Ukrainian Health Specialist flew to Atlanta, Georgia, to meet with CDC “to discuss possible CDC assistance in developing guidelines for infectious disease surveillance in laboratory networks and in assessing laboratory systems in Ukraine and the development of a strategic plan for establishing a laboratory network.”

UMMMMMMM so we have the US DTRA and CDC on paper agreeing to “establish a laboratory network” in Ukraine?

Well, well, well – Hunter Biden, Brandon, J. Kerry, Billy Gates, et al

6) Hunter Biden’s lobbying of Metabiota:

Pertaining to this slide Russia reiterates:

“We have already noted that Hunter Biden was instrumental in creating the financial opportunity to work with pathogens in Ukraine by securing funds for Black & Veach and Metabiotics companies.”

As always, the Russians accuse the Democratic Party of being the source of this plot. This time they include John Kerry and his family connections with Rosemont Seneca, as well as now acting (alleged) Commander in Chief, Joe Biden used his son Hunter.

Also featured as a main investor of Metabiota is none other than Bill Gates via his foundation.

Russia then references the HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP EMAILS as proof of dirty dealings with Ukraine to use this high influence of those involved with Metabiota, to get into Ukraine. Showing proof of investments from these entities and desire to covertly get in touch with Ukraine Ministry of Defense.

Pentagon Webpage on US Biological Activities

7) Pentagon website statement on US biological activities in the former Soviet Union

Here on the the final slide, Russia addresses the infamous US DoD statement from 06/09/22, pertaining to the US Administration admittance to 46 biolabs in Ukraine.

Russia responds with a barrage of questions to the Pentagon about their involvement with this plot. Essentially giving the DoD the opportunity here to throw Biden and the other ideologues under the bus.

Please read the entire response directly from the Russian Ministry of Defense below:

​​🔹In addition, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that on June 9, the Pentagon website published an official statement about U.S. biological activities in the post-Soviet countries. The U.S. administration admits the funding of 46 Ukrainian biolaboratories and the relations between the U.S. Department of Defence and the Scientific-Technological Centre of Ukraine (STCU).

🔹At the same time, it reflects the peculiarities of the implementation of the Nunn-Lugar joint threat reduction programme in the post-Soviet countries, one of the purposes of which was the involvement of ‘…thousands of former Soviet scientists specialised in biological weapons…’ allegedly to ‘…exclude the possibility of their cooperation with terrorist groups…’.

🔹This kind of attempt of the U.S. administration to whitewash its tarnished reputation turned out to be a ‘prosecutor’s dream’: the document cites facts of the Pentagon’s military-biological activities in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as indicates the accomplices of the American military department: the State Department and the U.S. Department of Energy.

🔹However, the ‘clarifications’ provided by the USA do not answer the questions we have posed:

❓Why was the work commissioned by the Pentagon, while its subject matter did not correspond to the current problems of public healthcare in Ukraine?

❓What was the purpose of the participation of U.S. military officials in biological research in Ukraine, while the work was carried out under conditions of secrecy with restricted access of Ukrainian professionals to information and facilities?

❓Why were strains of pathogenic microorganisms, potential agents of biological weapons, and biomaterials of Ukrainian citizens exported from the country without clearly declared purposes?

❓Why do the U.S. and Ukraine obscure the military-biological cooperation in international reports under the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC), while the U.S. has been blocking the development of its verification mechanism since 2001?

❓Why are U.S. officials, including Under Secretary of State V.Nuland, so concerned about the possibility of the activities held by the U.S. Defence Department in Ukraine and the materials in the biolaboratories taken over by Russian specialists?

🔹Thus, the situation presented in the Pentagon statement is just a screen under the guise of which the United States carries out its activities in circumvention of international agreements and continues to build up its military-biological capabilities. At the same time, Ukraine is assigned for playing the role of a testing ground, collecting biological materials and studying the specifics of the spread of infectious diseases.



And finally, the REAL reason why why Trump was impeached over a phone call to Ukraine becomes clear…

I have been so focused on the present, I have been neglecting the past. I cannot believe it took me this long to piece this final connection together…

Given what we know now about the biological network in Ukraine facilitated by the DNC, it makes A LOT more sense as to why the Dems in Congress absolutely lost their minds when Trump made a phone call to Ukraine…

It’s just now dawning on me that reason the House impeached Trump over Ukraine… was to cover up Trump finding out about DNC biological activity in Ukraine, by deterring any further contact.

As soon as Trump started snooping around in Ukraine and talking about Hunter, the Dems, the media, social media, big tech, launched an all-out assault to impeach Trump over a phone call. Meanwhile the Dems, big corporations, and non-government foundations, all had direct relations with the Ukrainian government to make BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS, to then unleash on the planet, to steal elections and implement globalism under the guise of public health, combined with the largest propaganda /brainwashing campaign in history. Quite the double standard there…

If Trump was impeached for a nothing burger phone call to Ukraine, what can we expect from Joe Biden for committing crimes against humanity, killing millions, and facilitating a biological weapons network in Ukraine?

Notice how much the enemy squirms when anyone gets close to talking about their biological network? They impeached Trump for inquiring about Ukraine. Media/Big Tech censored the Hunter Laptop story and spread disinformation that the emails of dirty Metabiota dealings weren’t real. They censored me and anyone else who talked about the biolabs and spread disinformation claiming there were no US funded biolabs un Ukraine. They heavily censored any talk of C19 origin talk and labeled anything other than the narrative as “covid disinformation” to prevent sheep from finding out that C19 came from a lab funded by the US.

They expend so much ammunition to keep this secret, because they know the consequences if it gets out.


~ ~ ~

Note to Readers:

This sort of thing is disturbing for most Americans (those who are awake) to read, yet, our country has a history of aggression against other people who are ‘different’. Whether or not you were (are) a Native American, a black, an Irishman, an Italian, a Cuban… if you were different, it was likely that you or your ancestors have faced some sort of prejudice here.

I maintain this prejudice was programmed into our people, through various methods, but intensified even more post WWII, due to the infiltration of the Nazis into America through Operation Paperclip. And we already had in place industrialists who were determined to keep the people under control by denying them the natural progression of technology and sought to bring further division by creating artificial and unnatural agendas specifically designed to break up the family unit, remove our God-given rights, and finally… attempt to take our lives.

Reflect on these things, people… for we are soon to go under martial law. The Storm is breaking upon the country. This is the time for us as a people to face head-on our karmic backlash, to feel the darkness as it arises within each one of us (we are a Collective) and to release it. Justice will prevail. Laws have been violated. A torch has been set to our Constitution, but we have copies. The darkness of our former controllers does not define us as a people. Unlike the Dark Ages, some Americans can still read, decipher, research, and post the news, unlike the controlled corporate media.

Hold the Line, folks… for the children, for our future, for our country, and for the world. America is a symbol of freedom to all peoples on this planet. Let her not fall to the ploys and plots of the bankers, corrupt corporations, and addled politicians.


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