Some Myths about Alcyone in the Pleiades — Galactic Anthropology

Image taken from (5) In a telegram post on June 15, 2022, Elena Danaan again repeated something that seems to be quite persistent in some corners of the world, namely the belief that our solar system would somehow be orbiting Alcyone, and that Alcyone would be something like a galactic center. Another prevalent idea […]

Some Myths about Alcyone in the Pleiades — Galactic Anthropology

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Note to Readers:

This article is what I have been attempting to express myself as I have learned more about the massive disinformation being put out ad nauseum by various sources regarding about the Pleiadian star cluster… In the fairly recent past, I was one of those people; no more. My eyes have been opened.

Be careful where you derive your “information”… whether from a “channeled” source or an official recognized star emissary like Alex Collier or Elena Danaan, or a learned methodical researcher like Michael Salla and Dan Willis.

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