Alex Collier and Jenny Lee: White Hat Operations to Take Down the Nazis

Alex Collier and Jenny Lee: White Hat Operations to Take Down the Nazis

Michael Jaco

  • Giants underground — there will be more sightings above ground
  • Our history needs to come to the surface
  • Jenny Lee is a remote viewer
  • John White book, pole shifts
  • Inconsistencies in conventional history — what has been hidden from us?
  • Giant graves world-wide
  • changing timelines?
  • Alex maintains we are not living in multiple timelines
  • We are ON the organic, original timelines
  • The “negative” events were allowed to dissolve
  • Tons of information is being revealed about the Nazis, meant to come out so everyone will understand key components of real history — the Nazis went “underground” while the public were distracted…
  • Israel mandated vaccinations for their entire population — why?
  • Armageddon? Mind-controlled humans (vaxxed)? Israel will be last…
  • More people are dying from being vaxxed… skyrocketing statistics… statistics are being manipulated
  • Multiple levels of disinformation from both sides…
  • Afghanistan withdrawal — was the equipment left being used by the Russians? Think old trade routes…
  • The Russians are fighting the Nazis, like they did against the Nazis in WWII…
  • White Hats are using the dark hats ops against the Nazis… flipping the agendas
  • Artificial, processed food businesses are burning down / purposefully done or the WHs are letting them do it
  • World events are telegraphing the takedown of “bad” actors…
  • Hollywood is 90% gone…
  • etc.
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