Jesus, Serpents, Nephilim & YHWH | Almighty Cover-ups and Changing Religious Thought – Paul Wallis

Jesus, Serpents, Nephilim & YHWH | Almighty Cover-ups and Changing Religious Thought – Paul Wallis (Audio)

The Fifth Kind

How does Jesus fit with ancient stories of star children and close encounters? How does Jesus relate to ancestral narratives of serpentine wisdom and draconian overlords? Who were the Nephilim and is the Tetragrammaton – YHWH – a handle for the Almighty or an Almighty cover-up? And, how can we develop religious thought in a way that allows people greater spiritual awareness and freedom from the trammels of religious group-think? And how does any of this relate to Westboro Baptist Church?? Enjoy these extracts from recent lectures by Paul Wallis as he explores these fascinating themes.

Enjoy the new series of conversations between Paul Wallis and Italian Bible Scholar Mauro Biglino.

Notes to Readers:

Are the earlier books of the Bible really a story of two competing extraterrestrial brothers and their followers? Paul Wallis continues to bring up the fact that mistranslations and airbrushing the narrative changed the understanding of who “God” was or wasn’t. “He” wasn’t a god at all… but an Annunaki who had been given dominion over a portion of Earth…

“In the name of God”… many acts of violence have been justified through the ages using this phrase. It doesn’t make sense at all, especially when Jesus spoke about Love…

If you do consider yourself as Christian, these are questions that need to be raised. Are you bowing down to the group think or thinking for yourself?

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