Re-writing my story — failed dreams and rural living

Re-writing my story — failed dreams and rural living

The Cottage Fairy

Besides being very photogenic, this woods fairy shares her philosophy on life, a simple life. Watching these little films is a wonderful break from intel and world events…

Like Paola said, NE Washington State is a beautiful place that attracts many, but few remain after the harsh, sometimes brutal winters. I went cross-country skiing there once in January or February… it was 3 degrees F outside. After just a few minutes, my hands and feet were freezing and I had to go inside. It’s not a place for those who can’t handle the simplicity of life and multiplicity of skills required to make a go of rural life, too. The quiet forces one to finally hear themselves and that is something that not all people are willing to do… to be authentic and real without distractions.

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