The Lion and the Dandelion – An Extraordinary Vision

The Lion and the Dandelion – An Extraordinary Vision

Kerry K

A Vision that explains so much of what our next steps are, how we will move forward to a New Earth of peace, love and unity. It is through the dandelion, not the lion. Through golden divinity, not outward strength. We live in an unfolding miracle, come listen to more of it. Minute 8 to 11 are my favourite marks but don’t skip because this is a short video, made specifically so that you can listen to it in its entirely and absorb all the light codes it contains.

Note to Readers:

God Source Consciousness has returned to this Creation… here, Earth.

About a month ago or so, I dreamed about a very large Lion who glanced at me and then walked up to a very tall Being and gave the man a head rub. Interesting…

I have always loved dandelions…

The humble dandelion lights up late spring meadows and fills them with golden hue.

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