Emotional Blackmail of Mothers of Hybrid Children — Galactic Anthropology

After having written ‘A Different Shade of Hybrid Soul’ (1) I thought I had paid enough attention to this phenomenon of hybrid children and how the Greys are trying to squeeze them into our planet. Elena had been very clear on this topic in the video from June 17, 2022 (2). ‘Time to move on […]

Emotional Blackmail of Mothers of Hybrid Children — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

The regressive alien agenda and its allies, agents… is now being revealed if slowly. We do NOT need to welcome the Orion Greys or any of their suspect allies back onto this planet, especially given what humanity has suffered under their influence. These intelligent beings are masters of manipulation and regularly utilize lies and emotional blackmail against people. Just witness how our own leaders have treated their people for many decades if not thousands of years. Much of the manipulation of religion, spirituality, and various institutions has been engendered through the use of temporal warfare (time travel) to tweak and repress what our former controllers wanted in order to maintain control over Earth humanity. These former controllers have included the Ciakahrr Reptilians, the Orion Greys, and other Grey species like the Killy-Torkurt and Maytra.

Greys are cold-blooded, aligned with a hive mentality (think the Borg collective from the Star Trek series), master geneticists, masters of deceit, and aligned with the Ciakahrr… at times. There is no reason to trust their stories.

Yes, hybrid children, even adults exist, but they are only half-human. The Grey hybridization program was to eventually replace Earth humanity entirely and utilize the planet for its resources. This is not a future I would seek out for my children or grandchildren…

The women who have been used in these genetic experiments are the victims of abuse, stemming from the original agreements between Earth governments, opening the lid to Pandora’s box of great harm to humanity and the planet.

Research this topic yourself if you care to…

Self-mastery requires one to learn to say “No!” and mean it. I believe this is a planetary matter that requires a resounding “NO!” from all of us — No grey hybrids are welcome!

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