BEN FULFORD: Full Report, 21 June 2022

Western Financial Hallucination Crashes Into Reality

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Here it is, the link to the full version of Benjamin Fulford’s latest report. The link is to the website, Stillness In The Storm, where you can discover other interesting news and articles.

Keep in mind that Benjamin’s reports do not address the underlying regressive alien component to much of what is going on in world geopolitics today… If you need help with that aspect of geopolitics, refer to the many books written by Dr. Michael Salla, the numerous lectures by Alex Collier, the three books written by Elena Danaan, and the numerous books, videos and lectures given by an assortment of whistleblowers, experiencers, former abductees, and veterans of the Secret Space programs…

When I see a video of a three-stage rocket taking flight, I have to groan a bit… The U.S. and other nations have had anti-gravity flight capability for decades. The U.S. and some other countries like France, probably Russia, etc., also have secret space programs. This all has to come out and will once the governments of the world are being run by the people for the good of all.

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